Introducing an existing theme with new page builder and theme options.

Hello All,

I have an existing theme on themeforest which was uploaded 8 years back. The theme has 1000+ sales and still sell a few times a week. The theme was built without any page builder and vafpress theme options.

Now we want to revamp the theme and build it using any modern page builders such as Elementor and modern theme options. Can we give this as an update to the existing theme? This will of course be a challenge for existing customers as they may loose data. But they will be getting a modern experience in their existing sites.

Can anyone help me? Should I revamp it?

The issue is that you would not be able to release it as a separate item

You definitely need to consider the process for buyers updating (or choosing not to)

The alternative is to build a new item using page builders and modify the design, make up, and features etc using the original as inspiration

a page builder is a compatibility thing and you can add this compatibility. I think this should not affect the existing customers who are already using the theme without a page builder.

About modern theme options, you should implement conditional logic for overwriting the theme options so that existing customers will not be affected.

Items always should be upgraded with the latest tools/technology/features to meet the customer’s best experience.