Introducing a test of Generative AI Stock Video items on Elements and Market

Is AI also running this test? What human would think these are good enough to be published?

Seriously, that’s really weird, even for Envato.

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The advent of artificial intelligence is already changing many aspects of our lives. We cannot expect the world to remain the same; new tools are emerging over time. Personally, I’m stating that from now on, I will start working on video creation with artificial intelligence. Leong, I would love to help you during this process and improve myself as well. @BenLeong

1_video by AI
2_video by AI
3_video by AI

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Feel the difference:
AI vs Bag of bones

Yes, AI has firmly entered our lives, and undoubtedly it’s an excellent tool and assistant. I use Copilot in development all the time. But at the same time, it shouldn’t be overestimated. Just compare the two videos above.

In my opinion, the quality of the videos published by EnvatoLabs violates the platform’s policies regarding high quality and commercial demand. However, since this is an experiment, we can turn a blind eye to it.

I’m sure that every product will find its buyer, including AI-generated ones like the falcon here: Falcon fishing, Nature Stock Footage ft. animal & stream - Envato Elements

But to say that this will encourage people to buy a subscription? Not twice.

As before, we need to do our best work and constantly improve our skills. And use AI as an assistant.


Now the situation is ridiculously reminiscent of the old meme:


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:wink: IMHO, so far most of the first 500 EnvatoLabs AI-videoart clips are rather ‘not bestsellers’ (lol, $53 on VH today, seriously?) but anyway ‘good samples’ to confirm the ‘bad feelings’ about the presumably deceptive authorship (almost every clip gives an impression of ‘déjà vu’ ), also to confirm the critical comments on the obviously defective mastership (so, where are our scrupulous VH reviewers?), and as well to confirm the negative expectations for the predictably destructive results of that wrongful business practice of massive redistribution of such ‘pseudo-professional’ AI products ‘as is’ on the respectful VH and EE marketplaces…


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