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Could you please advice how to make header and footer templates using Templates - Theme Builder, so that they will be exported and imported then correctly?

The matter is that when I create new Header template it includes the Content area: and when it is imported via Template Kit - Import plugin it isn’t displayed: . If I try to edit it with Elementor after importing I’ve got an error:

Please tell me how to avoid such issues.
Thank you!


Please Go Settings > Permalinks then klick button “Save Changes”

Hi guys,

Got a soft reject today.

I have submitted a single page layout kit with 13 blocks and I got a comment below from the reviewer. (doesn’t understand clearly)

Should I add more 9 single home pages with 9*9=81 more different blocks?

  1. Template kits must have a minimum of 10 unique templates. This means the 9 blocks need to be different from those used on the home layout. The goal is to provide users with the means to create a full website from your kit. You may add additional full-page layouts, or rework your 9 blocks to be variations on the home section layouts that can produce a different page layout when put together. I hope that makes sense!

You have to combine the blocks which is used to create a home page and you should export that as a single page. Your kit should contain one page and many blocks as you can. You can also use the same blocks used in the home page to create separate blocks

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We need to create at least 10 templates.

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Thanks for your reply, but it doesn’t work.

Upd. I’ve got a reply from Envato that if is important that template is displaying correctly when importing via Elementor, and the import plugin will be updated in the near future.
When importing via Elementor I don’t have this issue, so at the moment this question is solved.

Maybe you need more single page ( ex: about, services, FAQ and page major site have ) with combine your block have.

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Any one got approved?

None, are you approved?

Still not

Approved kit here:


Still hidden until market opening

We may be misunderstanding but can authors use elementor pro then? It just means that buyers will need a copy to make the kit work fully?

Would that not be a recipe for refund requests when buyers don’t read the description and realise that they need to shell out another $50

Yes authors can use Elementor Pro plugin for creating template kits but only thing is that they cannot use the custom css feature of Pro version. But author will also need to have an active subscription with Elementor Pro version.

Yes that situation may arise from the customer. So envato will need to clearly mention that any template kits that require Elementor Pro version plugin customer will need to purchase pro version of Elementor Plugin.


Great! any other guys?
I’m still on review :smiley:

My product is still on review

5 days gone, I still don’t receive response from my resubmission. Is that normal?

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I also wait more days :frowning:

4-20 days. for come email if aproved or soft rejected or hard rejected.

It’s very normal. My resubmission is still in the queue for 18 days :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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