Introducing a New Item Category - Template Kits

Hey there, if you find a bug please let us know exactly what the bug is. Screenshots, explanations of the bug, or even some temporary WordPress login details so we can investigate the bug are greatly appreciated.

Bug reports for the Template Kit Export (and Import) plugins can be emailed directly to so we’re notified of them quickly.


OK, but if we use people imagery from either Pexels or Unsplash and provide the image source info and the image source clearly states that these photos are CC0 licensed, what’s wrong with that?

As you said, customers tend to swap the demo imagery, why would I pay for the demo photos if it can be totally free for me and - of course - for the customer in case he or she wants to keep them?
It’s like forcing me to use Twenty20 or EElements if I want to participate…


My final question - because certain information has been obviously corrected here:

Are we allowed to use Elementor PRO Custom CSS widget with our templates or not?
There was a clause saying :

A Template Kit can not include custom CSS.

…and now I can’t find it anymore. What I can find is the statement:

Make sure any custom styling via CSS is fully responsive!

Please clarify that. If we are not allowed to use Custom CSS widget and the template is made for Elementor PRO then it looks like we are not allowed to use a feature that’s built into the editor.
And which doesn’t make any sense.


Thank you, it now works when uploading image more than 600 px.

Export finds non-existing links that were previously on the page, they were inserted through the video player. I thought export reads these lines from “Revisions”, but I removed all “Revisions” to this page, but the export all talks about external links. I checked the page code too, clean, no external links.

@dtbaker @CocoBasic Where should I upload after my kit is ready?

@dtbaker @CocoBasic I am going to create kit which supports only elementor pro but I am not going to include elementor pro in my kit. The user should already have elementor pro.

I hope this was the condition?
Am I Right?

Yes. I am guessing that will stay somewhere something like “Elementor Pro required”. And of course you are not allowed to “redistribute” the Elementor Pro.

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You need to create your own template kit (not to use the existing ones) and if they approve your kit, your kit will be in “premium part”. So, yes, they will pay you for your kit. But how much you will earn - I don’t know.

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@dtbaker @CocoBasic I Am Going To Convert A PSD Which Available On Themeforest Into A Kit With Elementor Pro (No Custom CSS)

It Is Accepted?

@CocoBasic @dtbaker

I’m sorry my question I hope it doesn’t bother you,

  • How can I upload themeforest but you still don’t have this category?

  • Do I can make a design photoshop later will convert template kit? (no need code css)

  • How I can use images demo in template kit?

Hopefully you will help me thank you very much greetings.

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What is the buyer fee for template kits on ThemeForest? What about the recommended item price for a template kit?

Hey @jamesgiroux, if you’re looking forward to a grand launch, you (envato) better start answering questions so that authors can get to work.

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It’s so frustrating when people in charge can’t find 10 minutes to handle the author inquiries here. I’m about to give up mainly due to the lack of information on this topic. Good luck everyone else!

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Please pardon me for the naive question – to create template kits using the Pro version of elementor, do we have to buy a separate elementor license for each kit we create?

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How Many Authors Are Working To Build Elementor Template Kit? Why I Am Asking This Means Only Fewer than 10 Are Using Template Kit – Export

I’d like to know that too. Do the authors of the template kits have to pay for it?

Definitely, you should pay to use images