Introducing a New Item Category - Template Kits

Maybe you need more single page ( ex: about, services, FAQ and page major site have ) with combine your block have.

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Any one got approved?

None, are you approved?

Still not

Approved kit here:


Still hidden until market opening

We may be misunderstanding but can authors use elementor pro then? It just means that buyers will need a copy to make the kit work fully?

Would that not be a recipe for refund requests when buyers don’t read the description and realise that they need to shell out another $50

Yes authors can use Elementor Pro plugin for creating template kits but only thing is that they cannot use the custom css feature of Pro version. But author will also need to have an active subscription with Elementor Pro version.

Yes that situation may arise from the customer. So envato will need to clearly mention that any template kits that require Elementor Pro version plugin customer will need to purchase pro version of Elementor Plugin.


Great! any other guys?
I’m still on review :smiley:

My product is still on review

5 days gone, I still don’t receive response from my resubmission. Is that normal?

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I also wait more days :frowning:

4-20 days. for come email if aproved or soft rejected or hard rejected.

It’s very normal. My resubmission is still in the queue for 18 days :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Hi all.

I am preparing to release my next template kit. This time I have more deeper understanding of how to organize everything better.
I wrote a small plugin that adds some useful columns to the list of templates. When you have many templates/sections, managing them becomes not very cool. Let’s try to ease it a little bit:

Here is the plugin, I will be grateful for the constructive feedback.


Hi guys.
Unfortunately, there is no time to bring everything to shine.
Added automatic preview generation:

Here is a new version of the plugin.

On Your hosting must be enabled: GD, exec.

The plugin will remain free forever. So test and suggest your ideas.


My Template kit got rejected. Any one guide me what quality standards does it lack?
here’s the link

Hi guys,

I downloaded a faulty video template from Envato Market in February. I am just getting around to editing it. Is there any idea who I should contact for help with this?


Mine too! Have you solved your issue yet?

NO!. Today i receive the email about rejection. It has been queued for further review. Also they said i cannot resubmit. Can you view the demo link and guide me what are the mistakes?