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Hi @KingDog and everyone else! I am fairly new on here but excited to join the community! I make epic trailer music and hope to work with lots of you in the near future!

I love making music and have done music for TV and movies for over 10 years now. See you all later!


Hi everyone,

My name is Anil, I’m 30 years old and live in India.

I’m a co-founder of Glorywebs and I have a expert developers & designers team.



Hello dear community members :slight_smile:

My name is Lukáš and I am 27 years old and I live in Slovakia. My story with music production began when I was kid. I really enjoyed Soocter, SASH!, Dj Quicksilver or Blank And Jones and these guys motivated me with music.

For the first time I experienced with Atomix MP3 where I mixed together few tracks it was pretty fun. But later I wanted to do something better so I found amazing tool for beginners DEEJAY :smiley: And from this moment I wanted still something more so I fall into love with Cubase and Reason and nowadays I play with these DAWs.

On the photo you can see me with my wife and we are waiting baby so I hope we will do music together with baby :slight_smile:


awwww… thanks for such compliments :smiley:


Hi Guys,
This is Nauman khan or Nauman K, From Islamabad Pakistan.I am a web designer and founder of Nausal Technologies.
I started work on warrior forum in 2010 as a freelancer. after working with clients for 6 years helping them in building sites for their clients now its time to create themes for theme-forest. my first html 5 template chic photographers in review process. I hope I will get pass through the review process :slight_smile:.
I love traveling and I am hoping that through earning money as an author I will be able to see the entire world.

My Team

The beautiful Islamabad


Hello everyone! Hello, Envato community!

My name is Ivan Luzan. I’m a professional musician and composer from Kyiv, Ukraine. I am 27 years old.
Being in music industry over 20 years and having different experience I came as an author on AudioJungle in August 2016.

All my life is a music history. My father is a musician too and he started teaching me when I was 5 years old. And now I’m a multiinstrumentalist. I play piano, guitars, ethnic instruments (like bandura, sopilka, telynka, ocarina, etc…) and I have my own sound recording studio which named “Soncesvit Studio”. I have recorded, mixed and mastered quite much music for different bands in different genres,

Also I was a member of famous ukrainian folk rock band “Tin’ Sontsya” (eng. “Sun Shadow”) for 9 years. I like using pyro effects on concert shows. Sometimes we had funny and curious situations as the result of that. For example, once my instrument got burned and sparks reached the policeman near the stage. I got burned several times as well but that was more funny than dangerous.
Also I have one-man project “Soncesvit” (industrial folk metal).
And in 2015 I have founded the pop rock band MORE NEBA, songwriter and sound producer of which I am now.

Besides music, I’m fond of football, cinema, poetry, philosophy, politics and nature.

I wish you all a great inspiration, success and good mood!

My AJ portfolio:

Music of my rock bands:
Sun Shadow:


Hello everyone!!!

I’m Kyriakos and I live in Greece… I love to compose music, develop games and more.
My wife is my inspiration! My job is my hobby, cool uh?

You can check my portfolio here:

Cheers… ; -)


Goodness! I love your pizza!


Hello to each and every! My name is Viktor Yazykov. I’m from Tallinn, Estonia. Was born in Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic and raised in Republic of Estonia. This 2017 is my anniversary date i’m going to be 30. I work as composer, sound engineer and sound editor in video media company - Vita Pictura. I also produce electronic music. Exclusively signed to UK’s leading dubstep bass music record label - Dub Police. Got some vynil releases. Also global DJing career. Best performance so far - Fabric London main arena. Alongside with Skrillex, DJ Fresh, Benga, Skream, Caspa and etc.

One of my 12’ inch releases.

I’m very new to Envato. Still a noob :grin: but getting better and better everyday. Really loving how it works and community is full of competent and intelligent people. Which helps a lot for newcomers.

This is me in Dagestan, Russian Federation.

And this me again with my lovely wife.


Hello, my name is José Daniel Canchila, I live in Medellín, Colombia, I have been in Envato since 2012, and I love this platform.

I’m programming in PHP with HTML + CSS + JS.

I love travel and know new people and cultures.

I am married and I have a beautiful girl (3 years old).

My profile codecanyon is @jodacame

As you can do I am bad for English (learning in progress).

Nice to meet you.


Hi :smile: My name is Shamrat and can be named as Sam :wink: I’m from Bangladesh :slight_smile: and most importantly I’m a newbie here :smiley:


Dear Envato users,
Hello there
I am Yusuf. I design and animate. I work on a special TV channel. I’m doing project work for Videohive. But you do not have much time. I have no projects in Shan store, so I want to state that I am sorry. A large part of my daily life is on computers. I love sports and traveling. I would very much like to visit Envato if my projects are accepted and sold.

Finally, this is a really beautiful world. I am happy to be in the Envato world.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi there folks!
My name is Slobodan, but my friends call me Bobi. I am part of this great community actively in the past 2 years as a service provider on Studio Envato. I never thought of joining some of the envato marketplaces until saw my friend posting an item for sale on Graphicriver :smiley: Then I said to myself: Why I can be a part of that community too? I have the necessary experience and I recently started my own website, Feel free to visit it and check my latest work. :smiley:

I think it’s time for a broader public to see my ideas and graphic work. I’ve send my first item for reviewing a few days ago. Hope to get an approval too, without a need to make some changes. I’m new here and I know I need to learn a lot, but I’m ready to learn. I know it won’t be easy, there are lot of great designers out there. Greetings to all people on Envato community!!!


Hi everyone! My name is Anıl Şenarsoy. I am 30 years old and I live in Izmir/Turkey!

This is my city (Izmir)!

I am a son of a musician and so music has been a part of my life for a long time. I have been a musician (guitarist) and composer in the music industry for 15 years.

From a concert!

I love doing sports and spending time with my friends!

You need to know these guys! :slight_smile:

I met Envato in 2015. But I started to send regular items in 2017. For this reason I currently have a small portfolio.

I would like to thank Envato for giving me the opportunity to recognize the wonderful people there and introduce myself!

My social media accounts:

Thanks for reading the my story.
All the best!


Yeah nice thread. Envato contacted me already with a formular to get to know more about me but I couldn’t work with it, so great to have here a chance.

Iam Berlin based composer. Wrote my first record with reason in Sep. 2006 and still making songs, now with ableton.
Worked long time as DJ and had some success in getting signed on labels.
Last we founded with my buddys a local free open air group. It was a interesting time managing everything like technical realization,catering, working at bar etc.

Now Iam specialized on Mixing and Mastering for clients and had last year some success like doing final mixing for a eurovision songcontest producer and view times a mastered song has been played in the USW Radio german wide.

Since June 2016 I stranded here on AudioJungle. (The advice that my music fits to many Media Projects like documentaries I got a long time ago). Very happy here, nice atmosphere and active community.
Got finally the Trendsetter bagadge now :slight_smile: and next goal is to get featured item and higher sold licenses. I wish to make success here and intend to composing a lot of items the next years. Listening regularly whats coming new here on AudioJungle of course to get some more inspiration.
Great artists!
My current fave is “Fashion House” by deepersound.

Excited where the journey goes! O:)

Best, Pat



I’m Dorin and I’m from Romania! I am an Author on Graphic River since 2014, but I started uploading packages only in 2016. I create backgrounds most of the times and basic Actions.

I love to check what other people are creating especially when it comes to backgrounds, but I don’t really purchase a lot of things. I’ve spent most of my team learning how to create everything I need, and while there are a lot of awesome products on Graphic River, I don’t want to purchase anything I can create myself.

My favorite author was DvK but he’s not posting anything on Graphic River any more. Still, his work was the thing the motivated me to start publishing on Graphic RIver


Hello Every One.

We are KodeForest The Elite Authors working on theme forest providing the best professional WordPress themes up till now. We were a small working dedicated team but now we are growing day by day bigger and more bigger because we donot compromise on the quality work and our dedication to our work.



Hi guys!

I am experienced Software Engineer, close to be Ph.D. in Physics and Math. Envato is something new in my life and it is very exciting. I am always glad to meet new people so feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
I published my first item in december 2016. Then next in february 2017. They already bring some profit. I am over excited and have a lot of ideas for future just need some time).
I invite everyone to my first project website:

I recommend Envato to everyone, especially who feels himself unrealized or useless on typical job.

Best regards,


I am Hridoy. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a web developer and graphic designer. I have a small graphic design team named “GraphicComb”. Currently, we have three products on graphicriver. We try our best to improve our portfolio.We are also working as affiliate partner on both Envato market & Envato studio. As a graphic designer, I have great interest on awesome and amazing graphic design related works and of course, I collected some products from graphicriver. I used those items for our personal business use.Yes, I have some favorite authors. They are doto, Opaq, sevenstyles. I love their works and their works always inspired me.


My name is Wang RuiXin.I come from China.A beautiful country.I have worked on Videohive for 3 years.I sign the envato at 2013.9.25.And also its my birthday.I think its a wonderful day.I,m an AE Template designer.And i also work on my own,its hard,but it make feel great when items got sales out.I love my work.I love envato to make me know so many nice authors.Hope this web can make better day by day.