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Hi guys,

We’re from NinjaTeam.

We are just a bunch of developers and designers who love to create stuff.
We dream to be like Ninja. Not in climbing walls or throwing darts, but rather in doing some Magic - which can help you reduce your time, cost and energy to achieve your goals.

You can rest assured using our products ►

Making Miracles & Go Global! That’s us!


Hi! I’m Erico (TheRightFoot®) I leave in Brazil and love my Videohive Content Creator work. Cheers to all the community.:sunglasses:


I am Arnab Kumar Halder from a very rural village of India. I am 27 years old. A Freelance Graphic Designer with clients across the world. I had not any big university degree. I am self-learner.
I know, If I introduce myself then I don`t know from where should I start. Because the story will be too much big.

To know more about me go through

I have been part of the Envato community for 3 years now. Thank you, Envato for giving me this opportunity to do something and earn myself. I love my work and truly enjoy working with new clients and new projects.

Arnab Kumar


Great life story! Good luck, man :slight_smile:


I’m Oscar, 40 yo from Stockholm, Sweden. I’m living with my wife Marie and my two daughters (0 and 3) in a suburb just outside the capital. I happily stumbled across AudioJungle in 2013 with low expectations and great enthusiasm, basically hacking my way into stock music for the first time. 3 years, 500 uploads and almost 10,000 sales later I’m still hacking :slight_smile:

Although a bit of a newcomer on the library/stock scene, I’ve been into music all my life, basically. My father is a jazz musician and I grew up in a house full of instruments. I started out on drums and keyboards, guitars came later on. A self-taught pianist, guitarist, tutor, DJ, songwriter, arranger, producer, sound designer, editor, but I guess most of all an improviser, explorer of sorts. I don’t read music very well, but I can play by ear instead. There has been a lot of live gigs throughout the years, highs and lows for sure, but they all add up to my library of musical communication. There is something to learn from what’s going on - musically and otherwise - within the band and with the audience, something I don’t think is possible to learn only from sitting by a DAW and placing out samples. I’m very grateful for that experience!

On a random jazz gig with my dad.

Having spent so much time playing, composing and producing, I feel very “at home” with music, but my formal education is actually in Business and Marketing. While having made numerous efforts over the years to shove music to the side, it’s always gravitated back to me. I guess right now I feel more dedicated than ever, which is nice. Having a patient and understanding wife that loves to sing helps a lot!

Baby steps

These days, with either work or kids eating up most of my calendar time, I’ll have to think really hard about what other things I “like”. I remember liking and doing a lot of things, before I was properly “domesticated”.

Here goes…

* **Food** - spicy, lots of garlic, beef, fried potatoes, sauce bearnaise, tomatoes. I like sushi too. * **Drink** - wine, beer, vodka... I also drink a lot of Schweppes Russchian * **Computers** - old-time Apple fan, I have an iPhone but I refuse to upgrade the OS. I've done a fair share of web design and coding. I was a self-employed network support guy for a number of years. * **Games** - do you remember the Mac game **Bolo**? I used to play it hours and hours every day for years. I like chess, too, and poker. I've made my own, too... quiz games, card games, strategy games... * **Movies** - big Kubrick fan (2001, Barry Lyndon), Star Wars nostalgic... Alien by Ridley Scott still a one of my favs. I used to watch a movie a day, nowadays it's more like once a month... and, romantic comedy :p * **Sports** - trained ju-jutsu, played squash, tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball, bandy, 10 km cross country running... those were the days, I gained 10 kg in the wrong places in the last 10 years :confused: * **Nature** - I like trees! Pine trees, birches, oaks, juniper... also forests, lakes, mountains, the sea. I'd say I liked hiking or sailing but last time I went out for real was like 20 years ago. Anyway. Save the Earth! * **Books** - books are nice... also, they remind me of times with less noise. Latest read: "The physics of the future" by Michio Kaku. When wife and kids are finally asleep I sometimes take some time to read. Luxury!
Life in Sweden... very safe, very comfortable, but also quite bland, I guess... bad weather, high taxes, people complaining about politics... I tend to shy away from all the negatives and hide on my own little island of joy. Also, washing up, changing diapers, reading bed time stories and picking up toys from the floor. Sigh.

Could be worse though!

Cheers from Oscar / Stockwaves :sunglasses:


I’m James. 19 years old, from Perth, Western Australia.

Here’s me with Twix, one of our two dachshund / blue heeler puppies.

And here’s me in my coveted Envato 10th Anniversary T shirt :slight_smile:

I live up in the hills, about a half hour from the city pictured here.

Perth is known for its sweltering summers, yet last week we had some of the coolest temperatures in a long time! It’s usually 35C+ during this time of year, yet we had cold, rainy 16C days. It was great. Now this week we’re back to horribly hot weather. Yay.

Aside from music, I love animals, food, travel, camping, long walks, cycling and going to the beach.

My other interests include: game design, Seinfeld and other sitcoms, photography, graphic design (just a hobby - I’m terrible at it!), animation, curry, Turkish cuisine, Italian food and… just any good food. I like food.

Here are some pics of the beautiful bushland up here:

Music has been a big part of my life since I was 13, though my interest in composing music can be traced back to a school excursion in 2005 at age 8, where my class took part in a music composing workshop. We made little MIDI tracks using some sequencing software. At the time I had no idea what I was doing, but there was something amazing about being able to shape my own sound. I would’ve sat there for days on end, experimenting with different instruments, sounds and arrangements. We were only there a few hours, but something about that excursion sparked an interest in music.

Around 2010 at the age of 13, I got heavily into game design and programming. I’d sit there for hours working on my own 2D games, amazed at the potential things some lines of code and graphics could create. Another huge interest for me at the time was video game music. I would listen in awe at the soundtracks of my favourite games, Donkey Kong Country, Burnout, 007 Everything or Nothing, often playing them just for the music.

The moment I really got into music was when I began to experiment with some MIDI sequences of my favourite video game music in FL Studio. I used to love creating my own, re-imagined versions of them. At the time I was working on a little game project and I needed some music to go with each level, so I decided to try my hand at composing the music all myself. From that point onward, music production became a true passion in my life, accounting for 99% of my time spent on the computer. I then started learning guitar, bass and ukulele, which opened up a whole new world of music.

Fast forward to age 17, I started thinking about how I could make music a part of my career. I had always dreamed of one day working as a composer for video games, though that field was a very tough one to get into, and certainly for someone my age. Then I heard about a little thing called royalty-free music and my eyes lit up.

I started producing for AJ back in April 2015, after hearing about the site on a little blog called Day In The Life Of A Commercial Musician. I was instantly hooked on the concept of royalty-free music and the idea of being able to make money by composing. I made my first sale hours after my first track went up. Seeing that $9.00 in my balance was the most amazing feeling ever. Since then it’s been an epic rollercoaster of learning experiences, and a whole lot of fun. In the two years I have been here I’ve grown so much as a producer and have met some truly amazing fellow creatives along the way.

Envato has literally changed my life and for that I’m forever thankful. I’m humbled to be a part of the wonderful community here.

I’m truly grateful for where AJ has taken me, and super excited for what’s ahead in 2017.

And for the finale, here’s Twix again, and his brother Toby :slight_smile:


Nice and funny thread! Let’s write some random facts about myself.

I’m Luca, 34 years old from Italy; I’m an AudioJungle author and reviewer.
I raised in Tuscany, near Siena.

Here are a couple of my favourite landscape pictures of the countryside.

When I don’t make music I like taking pictures. I have a Canon 5d MkII with a L 24-70 2.8 II, a Nikon P900 with an impressive super zoom and a Canon 550d. Photography is a really expensive hobby :smiley:

Speaking of hobbies, I consider myself a good reader; my favourite writer is Stephen King, but I also like Michael Crichton and James Patterson. I wrote myself a collection of short novels and I published them on iBooks store.

I love the world of David Lynch and I can’t wait to see the new Twin Peaks this year.

After a few years spent between Rome and Northern Italy working as sound designer and sound editor I came back to Tuscany where I currently live with my wife Mari.

I have a degree in Communication and I’ve studied Trumpet at the conservatory when I was younger.

Before I started my music career I worked as a bank employee and as a Specialist in an Apple Store. Here’s a rare pic with my Specialist outfit (2010) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is where I spend most of the time every day: Mac Pro 2013, Adam S2X, Yamaha NS10m, Single Avantone Mixcube and Focal CMS Sub (behind the desk). And wifi led strips. I love led strips. They are everywhere in the house!

I like italian (of course) and japanese food. I’m always ready for a giant pizza!

Thanks for reading!! Ciao!


Very good introduction. and good for you to work online in such a age. Hoping be a Power Elite in near future.


Thank you so much Jafar for your great comment and wishes, you too Bro. and more In Shaa Allah


Great story, great studio and finally great photo kit! :heart_eyes:


Hello, I’m Alexander, 36 years old. I’m an AudioJungle author.
I’m from Russia, live near Nizhniy Novgorod. City where the two rivers Oka and Volga are joined.

I live near Nizhny Novgorod in a small town Kstovo.
My town is worldwide known by his famous The World Battle Academy ‘Sambo’.

I have got two sons, one wife, UFO friend and no cat and dog. :slight_smile:

For a long time (more than 10 years) I worked as a DJ. At the same time it is developing as a musician.

Then I got tired of it all and I went to the forest. ))
I got a little wild, but I understood the main thing - I can not live without music.

At the end of 2015 I began my first experiments in the creation of music for advertising. Today, exactly one year after I started selling music on AudioJungle. I work in my home studio and very like what I do. I like different music and every week make many different tunes. My favorite genres are: epic tunes and cinematic trailers, ambient and lounge, corporate, hip hop, house, dubstep and other electronic styles and experiences.

I am very glad that I have the opportunity to work with such a Great Community,
as Envato and excited to be a part of it!

Thank You!


Hello comrades!
My name is Vitalii Dedkov and I live in Russia. I am 28 years old and 16 of them I make music.

My hometown is Orel (this name translates to english as Eagle). Orel region - the birthplace of many writers such as I. Turgenev, N. Leskov, M. Prishvin, L. Andreev, A. Fet, philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin, historian T. Granovsky and many others. That’s why Orel called (after Moscow and St. Petersburg, of course) the literary capital of Russia.

Here are some of my film photos of Orel:

Our town is very provincial and we have a lot of old wooden houses like this:

And old Czech trams:

I have a PhD degree in technical sciences, and before acquaintance with envato I worked as a teacher. Music for me was just a hobby, because I could not find a way to earn money by making music.

I have always been attracted by synthesizers and space and as a result I play synths with my friend in trance space music project named Astronavtika. We are writing electronic music, regularly performs, but unfortunately, it does not bring profit, so it is more hobby than profession. But I liked our project very much.

Here is our performance at Solar Systo Togathering Festival 2016 (sorry for sound quality):

And our album Kaleidoscope on Bandcamp:

My other hobbies are traveling and photo. When I was a student I worked in England (Upwell, Wisbech) on international program for 3 months in 2007 and studied at the University of Copenhagen for 6 months in 2009. That was a great experience!

Now I am retired from the university and going straight to my dream - doing things I love, i.e. write music. And Envato provides excellent opportunities to make my dreams come true, big thanks to all Envato team!
My PROFILE on Audiojungle

And finally my love Anna:

And my Kurilian Bobtail Morris:

Many thanks to all who connected with Envato, you are awesome and community is great too! I proud to be a part of such international big family!


Sheikh Naveed from Pakistan. Check out my first item here I’m pro at upwork.


Hello everyone!

Such great talents here on Envato, that I feel proud I am part of it. Beautiful people with awesome stories that makes you appreciate life even more :slight_smile:

I am behind Dia Dea Designs for some while now, on ThemeForest.

Long story short, living in a foreign country and without being able to find a job with my Economics degree (yeeey!) was hard so I had to do something. I couldn´t just watch tv all day and kill the time. So, I started learning web design. First, I liked it but I got mad every time I ¨hit a wall¨ and complicated techniques crossed my way in Photoshop. BUT, I managed to become a self-taught web designer who now, makes a living out of this.

I am located in Barcelona, Spain. Beautiful country, very nice people - always smiling and warm, but I wouldn´t see myself now working on something else than as a graphic designer. But, from home lol.

I have been trying to be part of ThemeForest for 1 full year before they accepted my first PSD item, it was hard :smiley: but possible.

Now, everything seems to get better and better as I am getting hired by multiple ThemeForest authors who want to book me for projects. On this platform are for sure one of the best people, both designers and developers who are doing such a great job in their work.

Alright now, I don´t want to get anyone bored with my presentation and if you managed to read until this point many thanks for that and feel free to visit my profile anytime, it´s always overwhelming to see that other people like my work.

Good luck everyone in your careers and always aim to the stars, everything´s possible when you want it bad :slight_smile:



It’s really nice to know about you in details, Diana (@diadea3007 ).
Keep your passion up & go forward. Nothing can stop you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your story.


Stunning photos, Luca. Very nice.


Wow thank you, friend!!


hi guys!
i am newbie here. nice to meet all of you.


Wonderful story, Diana!
Keep it up!:wink::+1:


Thank you so much Toshman! :slight_smile: