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Hi friends) My name is Michael. I’m from Russian city of Cheboksary. I am 30 years old. I’m almost a year on the audiojungle.

Music I have been doing since childhood. I sang in the choir. Then, in the Age of adolescence he began playing guitar and writing songs. Since then I have my taste preference of hard rock to soft indie folk.

It helps me to audiojungle. I can write a song in any musical genre. In addition audiodzhangla I work a sound engineer on TV.
I want to wish all the great sales. And inspiration!


Hello everybody! My name is Pavlo ( Paul ) I am 26 years old. ( 27 years - 28.02 ). :slight_smile:

I live in Lviv ( Ukraine ) Lviv Known as the ‘Heart of Ukraine’ and ‘Cradle of Ukrainian Culture’ ((Many world magazines saying : " Lviv – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe’ - That’s true :wink: ))
I love design, :computer: music, :guitar: travels, :steam_locomotive: :airplane: :bullettrain_side: :bus: delicious food, :fork_and_knife: :wine_glass: :stew: :cake: friends, party and all life! (- with my wife :heart_eyes:


My dream-life - is real! Thanks to God and Envato for this.

Never give up and be positive. Doing good for others. Warm words, gifts, support, good disposition, love and respect, faithfulness and loyalty are the things we should display every day not expecting anything in return. - my life position)))

(Some photos with my life)

Have a nice day! :wink:


OK, yesterday i´ve just turned 4 years on Envato so its time to unfold the cards i guess! :slight_smile: I´m Pavel and i´m a big, fat, old grumpy and full-time depressed guy producing some upbeat, cheerful and happy tracks! :smiley:

I live in a small village in a country well known for the best beer, the most beautiful girls and political corruption nr.1! :slight_smile: - Czech Republic (Czechia now … thank you EU!! :frowning: )
Married, 3 kids, 1 ukulele, 5 guitars …

Beside making some noise called music i love to watch movies, hanging out with kids, sleep and discussing all the musical things with my musician friends - discussions leading nowhere of course, but its fun :smiley:

Here are few photos! Take care everyone and GLWS :smiley:

Volume … Tone …! :smiley:


Moi! Tevre! and Kurha :slight_smile: Where in Finland?


Hi everyone!
My name is Maxim Khlebov.
I live in Pavlodar (Kazakhstan).
I am a composer and arranger.
Over the past 10 years I have been writing music for performances, musicals, commercials, TV projects, computer games, slideshows, etc. During this time I worked with a variety producers, stage directors, conductors and with many professional musicians.
I started to learn music at the age of 14. I graduated with honors from Pavlodar College of Music in the class of Pop Guitar (teacher Staverov S.V.). Higher music education received in the PaU (now Innovative University of Eurasia).
I compose music in different styles and directions, but prefer to write the cinematic music (soundtrack). I was very influenced by contemporary composers such as: J.Williams, K.Badelt, H.Zimmer, J.N.Haword, D.Arnold, D Elfman, K.Jenkins etc. I am delighted with their creativity.
My profile at AudioJungle here: Sound of Rays
You can find a few of my work here:




Hello everyone!!
My name is Daniel Carrizalez. I was born in London, England, and raised in Venezuela.
Growing up i lived in different countries : Canada, USA, England and now i live in Greece with my wife and daughter.
I have been part of the Envato community for 3 years now and i am so grateful to audiojungle, fellow authors and customers for making my dreams come true.

Thank you Envato for having a platform for us to sell our content and for this amazing community.
Today audiojungle is my main source of income, and i do this full time. Forever grateful !!!

When i am not in my studio working, i like to go out with my wife and daughter and enjoy good food and wine. (The reason i moved to Greece, the food and wine, and ouzo, sorry and the weather and the sea)…

My main instrument is the guitar, but i am getting better at the piano.

Happy to share with you guys, and thanks @KingDog for this thread, it was long overdue.
I actually just started to do vlogging on YouTube :
Where i want to share and talk about us “authors” and who is behind the audiojungle profile :


Helsinki :slight_smile:


I went to Helsinki not too long ago, I really liked it there, I stayed at Best Western not too far from Kamppi mall, planing on going back there in may!


Hi Diva - where are you in Greece?


Hi @Kwikbitzonline i am in Elefsina, Attika…very close to Athens.


Hi Guys. I am Igor. I’m 20 years old and live in Kharkov, Ukraine. I’ve been with Envato for about 2,5 years now.

My love to music get started with academy of music about 8 years and then I interested in writing music
and from this point of my story began. At that time I lived in Luhansk/Ukraine few opportunities and lack of internet makes it very difficult process of learning to write music. but I tried and now i am in Kharkov :slight_smile:

I like travel, food, girls and tra la la but i am really like music and everything about music.
Now i am hard working that my music sounded like voice of god :grinning:

I very Like play on Piano. Playing the piano is very soothing
And of course with the help with Envato and AU step by step I go to my dream.:heart:


My name is Ivan, I’m from Russia, Siberia, Omsk.

I have no musical education and I do not know how to play musical instruments.
All my music I’m doing at the hearing.

I love fishing and outdoor recreation!

Envato! Thanks for your work !!!
I wish all the sales and do not stop!


Hey guys,
Benson here from Malaysia, Asia.

Been part of the AudioJungle family for quite a while now. Music has always been a passion since young. & AudioJungle makes it possible to be earning from your passion.

Besides selling stock music, I co-run a production house, taking up private commercial jobs & also teaching production in local institutes, or organize workshop with instrument brands like ROLAND.

We also do music for fun (Future house, future bass). Check out our soundcloud : ENOPE.

Collaborations maybe?

Follow me on instagram:



Got it :slight_smile: know where


Hello! My name is Vasiliy, I am 30 years old, I live in the North of Russia, on the Kola Peninsula in a small town.

I like sport, active rest, Cycling, skiing, and of course I love to make music. I wish you luck and prosperity!


Hello everyone, my name is Yevhen Vasylenko, i’m from Ukraine, i am 26. By education I am an engineer, but deep down I’m a musician. In our country a very bad situation, earn a musician is very difficult. But thanks to Envato team and Audiojungle platform! Come true my dream!!! I wish my family lived well and i try to do it. Peace to your home!

Sorry for my English =)


Greetings from Russia!
My name is Denis, account name StudioKolomna.

As a musician I started my activities back in 2004, and how sound producer in 2008. I have a great experience of work in the studio and on stage with musicians and singers. Today, I try to create the best background music for video with best quality, which allows me my studio that is constantly updated.

I live in the provincial town of Kolomna.
Conventionally, the city is mentioned in the Laurentian Chronicle under 1177 as already existing, but according to recent excavations of the city referred to as the base 1140-1160 years.
It is an ancient Russian city with a long history.

Here are a few photos of my city today.

And some history

I am composer on envato! =)

Thanks! =) Bye!


Hi Audio Junglers ! :slight_smile:
First of all, this is a great idea!

My name is Christian, i am a full time musician and i live in Milan, Italy.
I play and make Music first because i am a Music-Lover, my background is kind of 360° genres but i definitely was strongly influenced by Black Music.
My job as a professional is to play drums, i’ve been playing for 25 years almost…doing tours, studio sessions, tv show, music teacher, and of course…traveling a lot !
I am really curious about Music, so i play other instruments like guitar, piano and a little bass…i also act often as drummer/backing vocalist, but i am not a singer :slight_smile: I like to write, arrange and produce too, so i decided to join the Envato Author’s team and upload Music in my extra time, and see what happens :slight_smile:
I love to push myself into things i’ve never done before (like stock music here), because it’s learning anyway and this is good to me…i became a better producer after few months here, so thanks for that.
well…what else…i love veggy food, sea, warm days, wine, honesty, and dream a world with no barriers of any kind!
Clear skies everyone :slight_smile:


Hello! I am an exclusive author on Envato ( AudioJungle )

I live in Ukraine, Kharkiv city

Since childhood, I love music. In music lessons in elementary school I did an improvised show with music Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

My favorite show “Two and a Half Men” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.