Introduce Yourself

you could s****t yourself after you see my face :wink: hehe

stop boasting around will u? LOOOOOOOOL

I really impressed with your life style, community, beautiful home style and your life style.Especially your home location is very beautiful. Wonderful natural scene. Really so amazing. So nice of you Dear KingDog.
I Love it

Nice intro. Thanks for sharing it.

Hello everyone… Sahifa user here

Wonderful! Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Best Regards

Hi everyone! I’m a new author specialised in real cello tracks. Great to be a part of this community.

Super happy because my first track was just accepted by the reviewer! On my AudioJungle tracks I play a real cello, not sampled. First track is called Autumn Rain Cello Soundscape, inspired by the mood of a rainy autumn afternoon at home, and features a beautiful 250+ old cello against a soundscape made with guitars, piano and lots of effects.

I’m planning on recording many more of these cello + soundscapes, as well as some classic stuff like Bach etc, and probably seasonal (Christmas!) music as well :slight_smile:




Hello everybody !

I am Sylphania and i live in Paris, France. I am a singer now recording another album. Very happy to be part of Audiojungle and to create music and sound, my biggest passion !
Hope to have my music accepted soon on AJ, but I need to improve some things so I will come back to ask for your advices if the next song need it !

Account :
Website :
One of my albums on Apple


Have a great day !

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