Introduce Yourself

Nice intro. Thanks for sharing it.

Hello everyone… Sahifa user here

Wonderful! Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Best Regards

Hi everyone! I’m a new author specialised in real cello tracks. Great to be a part of this community.

Super happy because my first track was just accepted by the reviewer! On my AudioJungle tracks I play a real cello, not sampled. First track is called Autumn Rain Cello Soundscape, inspired by the mood of a rainy autumn afternoon at home, and features a beautiful 250+ old cello against a soundscape made with guitars, piano and lots of effects.

I’m planning on recording many more of these cello + soundscapes, as well as some classic stuff like Bach etc, and probably seasonal (Christmas!) music as well :slight_smile:




Hello everybody !

I am Sylphania and i live in Paris, France. I am a singer now recording another album. Very happy to be part of Audiojungle and to create music and sound, my biggest passion !


Have a great day !

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