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Hi guys! I am WavebeatsMusic and for the past 4 months I have been composing almost full-time. I live in Sydney, Australia with my beloved wife and our little Phoebe (a beautiful and super cute Cavoodle). I have my own studio and hope to do well in AudioJungle. Please check my Profile and let me know if you like the music! Feedback is always welcome in order to improve! Thank you!
My studio:

Our Little Phoebe:

My Profile:

Thanks guys and talk soon! :slight_smile:


Hi guys I am working as a Content Writer. My hobbies are listening songs, Reading Novels.
You can check my creative content


Hi :slight_smile:
I am new here :slight_smile:


I am David Wade from California.



Hello Everyone,

We are ManasaTheme. I’ve been with Envato for about 1 years now. We live in an India.

We design and develop CMS theme and HTML5 Template. We believe that a good item or product is combo of UI and UX.

We are available on themeforest and codecanyon.


hi manasaTheme! Good luck with sales! :slight_smile:


I have to tell you one thing. India is amazing country - they have 1,3 + billion people (!!!) - they have greatest designers and speciallists in web coding…

and they have damn good food. Tikka masala for example.

Long life India! Greetings from europe.


Thanks bro for nice welcome.

If you ever visit to an India let us know. Because guest is equivalent to God in an India.



My name is Andrew, and I’m less than half a year at AudioJangle. But, I’m interested here. I work in films all my life, but, in a small country, “big movie” does not happen. I like to make cartoons, but they are drawn for a very long time before I start making sound …

I learned a lot of new things over these months. Among my buyers there were very unusual calenas, for example, a school in which they learn to tell stories. :wink:

There were buyers from Hollywood (not surprised that they make a movie). A lot of manufacturers of computer games (sometimes very solid companies). Japanese love me, I would love to make sounds for cartoons. :slight_smile:
The study of my customers greatly expanded my worldview. I loved these virtual tours around the world.%D0%90%D0%BD%D0%B4%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B9%20%D0%92%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%B2
Maybe someday, AudioJangle, will become a sufficient source of income for me, and I can buy new programs for sound design …
(* these are my dreams)
and this is my film studio:



I was thinking you might want to know more about a mod that closes your threads and removes your links :slight_smile:

So… here I am. My real name is Ramona, I am from a small country named Romania, in Eastern Europe. A beautiful country, with lakes, mountains, sea, rivers, a lot of wonderful places you should see.

I’m 41 years old (old, I know :slight_smile: ) and I am a programmer since 2000. When my daughter was born, in 2008, I decided to leave the great company I was working for, as a senior developer (then as a team leader, then as a project manager and as an architect) to dedicate my time completely to my daughter.

Since then, I am working as freelancer everywhere possible. In 2013, I discovered Envato, in a period when I had a very difficult life - and this changed my life.

My passion? Writing code. When I write code, I forget about anything else. It’s like being hypnotized :slight_smile:

Also I am a shy person and I hate being filmed :smiley:

And one thing I’ve learned in 40 years is that nothing lasts forever. :wink:

I love forests and trees, I’m in love with everything that is green ( I have green hazel eyes :slight_smile: ), I am a pluviophile (one who loves rain, a rain-lover, I can watch the rain for hours), I like cats, I enjoy coffee and silence, I dream about visiting Japan one day, I love lakes and the calm of waters. I also love to listen for hours Danheim.

A couple of photos.

Romanian Carpathian mountains:

My darling child:

My Silly Cat:

My favorite place to live (someday I’ll live there):

The company I was happily working for:

Wind blowing while watching Danube river:

My favorite trees:

All the best!


Hello everyone, we are Facile Technolab Team. We are expert in angular/react and microsoft back end technologies. Just joined here to find out the opportunities with the same. Can anyone help me point to some quick links that can help me understand how to find out what’s in demand to sell?

Hello @codytheme, great to know someone from Ahmedabad, what’s your contact detail?


Hello authors, we are iNiLabs team and we make web based applications. We have few products which are doing well in the market. take a look into our portfolio and here is one of my best selling product.


Wow!, I tought you are like 30 years old :smile:


Hello, everyone!
I am overwhelmed and amused to read all of your great stories and can’t wait to share mine!

My name is Md. Nazrul Islam nicked as Masum and better-known for my Personal Brand as SocialMusker
(A Man Who Spreads Social Smell).

I’m 29 years old now and born in a small but beautiful country Bangladesh having the world’s largest sea beach named Cox’s Bazar.

Though I was born in a rural village of Noakhali (Chittagong Division of Bangladesh), but after 2 years in my born, my family had been shifted to the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. From then to now I’ve been grown up and finished my under graduation in BBA (MIS) and post graduation degree in MBA (MIS) from Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, Dhaka.

In 2011, my life has changed as a practicing Muslim and till now I’m trying strongly to hold on it till my death.

Since then I started and get involved with a job in a Software Company, which was as a Business Development Executive, but life wasn’t so easy I thought. I randomly got failed to sell my company products to the end customers. This is why I got punished by my BOSS and had become frustrated! I tried many times but somehow got failed since maybe I wasn’t passionate about it.

Fortunately, I noticed and discovered a Man in that office who is doing his job and performed as well through the desk by playing his own creativity and personality. OMG, that man is selling awesomely where I failed. I look onto him and tried to follow and learn his works in my free time. This is the transformations of Marketing field. After seeing my passions he requested to my BOSS, to give me a chance to work in Digital Marketing, and I got the chance at the very end of 2011.

Yes, he was a passionate Digital Marketer who won’t need to talk to convincing in front of customers!
Which is what I was looking for! From then I didn’t need to turn back in my Career and life too! This is what I was looking for to set my passions in my career. May read out my blogs.

Since then I didn’t need to change my career track as because I got my passions through it and I’m focused on it. After a while, I found this feeling from my career life,
“if you value your time, you’ll get some reasons to smile in return”

So, I’ve been working in Digital Marketing Industry with love and passion since my last 7+ years and involved now in a responsible job as Head of Digital Marketing and Content Strategist in a Digital product based Company. You’ll be glad to know that my present company is now the proud Elite Author at Envato Marketplace, holding level 11 badge by selling the awesome themes and plugins.

Back to 2011, since My hobby of writing the diary from an early age inspired me to contribute helpful and interesting content over the INTERNET though.

Yes, I’d love blogging, Love Listicles Content, love to write product reviews and recommendations on Digital Marketing Industry, one of the most rapidly growing sectors which will definitely become the Next Big space for everyone as you know each and every Brand becomes a publisher.

I’d also contribute guest contents on TechInAsia, BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, TechnoFAQ, QuerTime etc. regarding on Tech Stuff and Apps Reviews as a Guest Blogger. This is how I am contributing and enhancing my SEO’s, SMM, SMO, SEM (Digital Advertising), Blogging, Business Presentations, Brand Impressions Management, Content Ideation, Strategy, Curation, Syndication & Marketing knowledge at a professional level and thus I still count myself as the learner!

Looking forward to reading your story!


Hello all at Envato Community,

I am new to Envato Community and it’s good to see so many stories here. How can I miss the chance to introduce myself. My name is Raiden Vaughan and I am from California, United States. I am a Digital Marketing Head at Kodematix.

We are a full-service web development and marketing agency helping businesses build customized web, mobile and cross-platform solutions that conquer the markets while reducing your operational costs and generate outstanding profits. Feel free to contact us.

Thanks and Regards!!


The SmartDataSoft is a theme and plugin development company having 13 people now, born and raised in Bangladesh, a beautiful country of Southeast Asia. Usually, developing premium themes and plugins for WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify and OpenCart CMS is our core business. We also offer web-based clarifications to all types of dealings of variable dimensions for relevant outsourcing work. You can find our products at Envato Marketplace and can buy from there. Our developed themes and plugins are randomly featured as top selling items on Envato.

There are many pieces of the ‘success puzzle’, however, we assume that one of the most important reasons for us is reliability. We don’t look for shortcuts this is why we work harder than anyone else and never give up. Listening to our customers need and feedback is what we really care about – it also helps us keep going in the right direction.

A Brief Story of SmartDataSoft

Md. Arifur Rahman began the journey with SmartDataSoft and founded this company at Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2008 from his passion towards coding, and within a few years of hard work they have managed to reach Level 11 at Envato Marketplace. However, before reaching that level company encountered lots of challenges, rejections, and failures. In spite of having so much trouble and difficulties, he’d never quit his HOPES. He brought the company to the level where he dreamt of and the thing is, a dream has no ends until death!

This is life! This is the reality of life!

Let’s Enjoy the Story Timeline of SmartDataSoft
In 2008: SmartDataSoft was Born and Started Work for Local Clients :hatched_chick:

(This is the old logo of SmartDataSoft)

In 2010 (January): Joined Envato Marketplace and Started Selling! :blush:

(Old Logo of Envato MarketPlace)

In 2010, We joined Envato Marketplace and tried to launch one of our product named ‘SocialPlugin’ at Envato. But the way was not so easy and smooth. In Spite of doing a lot of hard work, our first uploaded product was rejected by Envato. We didn’t lose and didn’t give up on our hope, this is why we’d approved.

In 2011: Go For Recruitment :sunglasses:

As our product was approved and available in Envato market we get some international customers for the first time. They bought our product which helped to increase our revenue. As our sales growth raised, we became more inspired and were able to go forward with our goal. According to our future plan, in 2011 we go for recruitment and increased team member.

In 2012 (February): Learn PrestaShop :nerd_face:

In 2012, We started learning PrestaShop and after gaining good knowledge about PrestaShop we started teaching others about PrestaShop. We’d loved PrestaShop CMS from our heart and started contributing on their Forum. This is why our status on PrestaShop community is excellent!

In 2012 (December): Year End Income :wink:

At the end of December of 2012, our total income was $3400! Not bad at all.

In 2012: Way to Shut Down :slightly_frowning_face: :cry:!

Despite this success in 2012 we, unfortunately, decide to shut down the company due to some internal problems and other difficulties.

In 2012: Turning Point :astonished:

But, God has fixed your destination, at the end of the same year, we were featured by Smashing Magazine at end of the year 2012 (Smashing magazine is a web content and e-book publisher that provides editorial support and essential resources for web developers).

In 2012: Passions Are Everything! Honestly! :heart_eyes:

It was the time when the company got inspired and kept on improving and refueled once again to a new start. As blood and passions were to be an Entrepreneur this event was enough for bringing us back on track. Dove into deep frustration, but the team never quit and continued its journey. In the same year, we started developing and selling WordPress plugins with getting some inspiration.

In 2013: Win Joomla Award and Win $300 :biking_man:

Our aim was to touch the stars, we started learning Joomla, and in 2013 we participated in an Envato award competition and win $300 which was named ‘Most Wanted Winner’.

In 2013: Shifting Office Setup :muscle:

In the same year, we’d decided to increase the area of our office and shifted to a 650 square feet office from one little room which was about 180 square feet. We’d planned to increase the range of our working scopes.

In The Same Year: Applied For WordPress Theme! :stuck_out_tongue:

We applied for the approval for a WordPress theme on Envato but was rejected like before. But now we work on WordPress and release a good number of WordPress themes on Envato Marketplace.

In 2013: Focus on ‘Customer Support’ :heart:

Because customers are everything! Without a customer, there is no market or business! After an increase in the number of sales of products, we feel and focus on Customer Support. The more we come in contact with our client the more we come to know about our limitations and had tried to overcome that. We loved our customers and always will be!

In 2013: Income Raised! :grinning:

In 2013, our income was almost 14 times higher than the previous year and it was $48,000.

In 2014: Built Slider Revolution for PrestaShop :hotsprings:

In 2014, we applied to ThemePunch to get approval for making their famous Slider Revolution WordPress plugin into PrestaShop. We finally developed Slider Revolution for PrestaShop version that boomed in sales and we crossed level 7 at Envato and get in the Envato Elite panel. After building and developing plugins and themes for PrestaShop and WordPress we go for Shopify.

In 2014: Better Achievement & Placement :smiley:

In 2014, we Participated in an internationally organized Shopify Competition on Envato and won $500. As our income increased we tried to provide better facilities and better working environment for our company. We moved to better Office Work Station environment. That helped us to increase the workability of the team members within the company.

In 2015: Agreement with WPBakery :money_with_wings:

Our intention is always to go forward. As a result, we tried and reached an agreement with WPBakery for developing their popular Visual Composer plugin for WordPress into PrestaShop version. After building Visual Composer for PrestaShop we got a huge response from the users of PrestaShop and this also boomed in sales.

In 2015: Earned Level 08 at Envato :gem:

Due to this booming in sales on Visual Composer and other products for PrestaShop in 2015, we earned Envato Level 8.

In 2015: Achieved BASIS ‘Best Freelancer Awards’ :boom:

In 2016, We achieved BASIS 2015-Outsourcing award as ‘Best Freelancer Awards’

In 2016 (December): New Location! :grinning:

In December 2016, we again increased our office area and shifted office setup from 650 SFT to 1,000 SFT.

In 2017: Earned Envato Level 09 & 10 :grinning:

In 2017, we progressed faster and earned level 9 and level 10.

In 2018 (April): Earned Envato Level 11 :grinning:

In the 28th April of 2018, SmartDataSoft has just touched a new milestone LEVEL 11 at Envato Marketplace.

In 2018: At Present We’re Now! :100:

At present we are an elite author of Envato and eagerly waiting to grab Envato Power Elite author.

So, never give up on your passions that you love to do. Keep trying and patiently wait for the good result. This is how life is going on, there are no shortcuts to success, work harder than anyone else and never give up!

This is all for now, hope this sort history will be helpful for others. Keep share means you care us!


Hi i am Ray Mew from the Isle of Wight , England. I am 53 years old and got into digital art rather late in life about 10 years ago actually. I see myself as rather imaginative in my art work and although my work appears very out-there , it is done with a lot of thought , just need to find someone who is willing to try and sell it for me.
I love movies and music , i also love keeping fit (cardio) i gave up the weights 3 years ago as my injuries were taking longer and longer to repair the older i was getting. I am an avid animal lover and also a lover of our earth and the beauty it gives us each and every day within it’s colours.
My main job is looking after the undesirables of this world , but i am hoping to take my artwork onto another level and do my art full time.


Also would like to introduce ourselves here. We are NoTriangle, an architectural visualization studio based in São Paulo, Brazil.

We are a team made of 3D artsits, modelers and commnunication specialists from the United Kingdom, Brazil and Poland. We are always looking for new 3d modelers and artists so please check out our 3d rendering services and send an email to if you feel that you could be a good fit.

Thank you


Hello, guys! I am a web developer which starts his work. I have create a few websites and would like to get your opinion. I’ve got my first customer from fiverr. He asked me to create a website for his ebay accounts selling. I used Betheme for this project.