Introduce Yourself

Hello Everyone,

My name is Pharid Ali. I am new author in envato.

I am from Himalayan Country Nepal.

I’m Android Developer :slight_smile:

Look my item : Abc Mobile Security



My name is Chaman Sharma. I am the Creative Head of Team Brandacity.

We craft best modern themes that meet the design needs of Designers and Developers.

Feel free to watch our in depth case studies of our products at Behance

Meanwhile as this time of the year is for Christmas so i do have a special project for you guys here at iXmas. Do have a look and have fun in good mood #Christmas Vibes.


Best Regards,
Team Brandacity

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :slight_smile:

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Hey There,

I really Like this concept to meet up new friends, I found so many professionals here…!
Bt the way, I’m Hemant working on ResultsXP.

So thanks for this platform Envato :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys, Myself Pankaj Bishnoi and I work at RdxTricks.

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Hello Guys, thanks @KingDog for openning this thread, really appreciate it bro.

By the way this is James from Philippines and I am a Web Designer/Developer and I can do any website services that would be needed.

I do help mostly those starting to medium business owners, they are more great to work with than Big Business but not all lol.

I love crafts digital to physical variables, it just amaze me every now and then.

It so good to have this and love to connect with you all you can checkout my website LightWeb Creative Studio

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I am a web designer, web developer, content writer, digital marketer, mobile app developer, Graphic designer. I have my own startup D5websoft provide ecomerce web solutions. Glad to Join here.


Hey There,

Thanks for such as an amazing platform to meet up professional in our industry…!
I blog here at Ablogher!

Hope i learn something new here :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Kevin. My stage name is Young Fanaygo. I’m 22 years old and I’m a musician.I make Beats and play music at my church on Sunday Mornings. I’m a college drop out pursuing music. Ive been Playing music since I was 6. Ive been making music for 5years. I love it.



My names Andy, me and my writing partner Simon have been playing together for years in a band based in Rugby, UK. We wanted to take composing much more seriously, so here we are! I’m the one on the right.

We’re only just beginning to explore this site, but at 1st glance, it looks amazing!

Here’s a video of us playing our Star Wars musical a few years ago!




My name is Joseph Bukoski, I am homeless, sleeping on the streets of Northern California, where I was born, I have been coding in html/.net framework, css, javascirpt, etc. . . most of my life, since i was 10 Years old, I am 27 years old
I live in the Northern Part of California, and it is really cold here in the mountains!!!
But i Love my life, always! I was getting very depressed but now I am starting to reach success in my life
please enjoy some of my work
a Domain Name and referral service
a dragonball super fandom like social media website in PHP i coded.
here is a link to my wordpress

NICE i also do music
here is my soundcloud and a mixtape i dropped on it


My names xuphann, me and my writing partner Simon have been playing together for years in a band based in Rugby, UK. We wanted to take composing much more seriously, so here we are! I’m the one on the right.

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Hello everyone,

We are NinjaTeam - a dedicated team for WordPress plugins with marketing tools. We believe that a good product is the one that could help effectively save time. That’s the first criteria led us to create our products.
You can take a look at our work here

Nice to meet up with you guys here in this community :wink:



I come from China!

Hi guys! I am WavebeatsMusic and for the past 4 months I have been composing almost full-time. I live in Sydney, Australia with my beloved wife and our little Phoebe (a beautiful and super cute Cavoodle). I have my own studio and hope to do well in AudioJungle. Please check my Profile and let me know if you like the music! Feedback is always welcome in order to improve! Thank you!
My studio:

Our Little Phoebe:

My Profile:

Thanks guys and talk soon! :slight_smile:


Hi guys I am working as a Content Writer. My hobbies are listening songs, Reading Novels.
You can check my creative content

Hi :slight_smile:
I am new here :slight_smile:


I am David Wade from California.


Hello Everyone,

We are ManasaTheme. I’ve been with Envato for about 1 years now. We live in an India.

We design and develop CMS theme and HTML5 Template. We believe that a good item or product is combo of UI and UX.

We are available on themeforest and codecanyon.

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