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My name is Luka, and I LOVE technology. Been living in Serbia since begging of my existence, and I always wanted to go and live in America forever.

In 2012 I started doing shared hosting so I opened a company, i attracted over 2000 clients and was one of biggest in Serbia, I was minor back then. I “sold” it to some guy who never gave me money for it, and he is still earning from my company.

In 2015 i opened another hosting company which resulted in big debt.
Finally in 2016 I open my current and profitable hosting company.

Since being good Linux System Administrator I got bored so I started learning PHP/JS (jQuery framework i like most). Got rejected all of my projects for stupid reasons here on Envato market (it heartbroken me, cuz’ i was always recommending envato, like, to everyone). Still trying to get back on track… I’m now 21 year old and I am second year student of Business economics faculty (or like Americans call it - college).

I am also fan of Photography but I never got a real deal camera (like nikon or something), using my phone…


HI Everyone,

I am Michael Warne, I am new member in this community.


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Hi Everyone!
I am Steven Larson
from Los Angeles, California in the United States
I have been a member since 2010, but just getting into the forums.

I love the:
graphicriver Photoshop actions
videohive After Effect Project Files

with my purchases I intergrade them into my art, and study how they create such beautiful work to learn from!!
Right now my favor author is @sevenstyles


Hello everyone, I am Kennedy from Nairobi, Kenya.


I am 28, and I have been working with WordPress on and off for the better part of the last seven years. I have strong experience in HTML, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP and the inner workings of WordPress. I have developed a few custom themes but have not submitted anything to any marketplace; my work has mostly been client requests.:yum:

I am on Evanto to learn how to become an author as well as collaborate with designers to develop themes and plugins for them. Suffice to say, I am a good developer but a poor designer. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I hope I get to interact with all of you soon.


Hi Luke,
funny thing - I met DJ Quicksilver some weeks ago. He´s played some “techno classics” here and I´m a friend of the event organizer (producing sometimes for him). Cool that you found your way to make music with DJs and producers what are even cool at the time I was 27 (loooong ago :slight_smile:).

Wish you all the best with your baby - hope everything went fine. And also all the best for your music composings.

Best regards

Hi to all the creative people here at Envato!

My name is Thomas and I´m excited to be a part of this awesome Envato world now.

Actually I´m starting at AudioJungle and begin to build up my music catalog and do all the necessary side works. I´m living in Germany and I´m inside music production for a long time (25+ years). My background comes from electronic music, starting in the 90´s. Since that time I had some releases and also produced, mixed and mastered for severals labels and acts here in Germany and also in Europe in the last years.

I produced a wide range of genres over the years, what allows me to not only focus on electronic music here at AJ.
But hold on - actually I´m one of the new rookies here on the block :wink:
…so hopefully I get my tracks accepted, but who knows what will happen :slight_smile:

Here´s a nice picture of our local little mountain called „Ipf“. He looks a little like a volcano, but isn´t. :wink: I´m living with my family (my wife and 2 kids) in the near of that beautiful area - for sure a good point for inspiration.

So, finally I want to say, that making music is such a big part of my life, I never want to miss it. And I´m looking forward for a nice, interesting, inspiring and creative time together with all of you here in this great Envato community.

Best greetings


I am a 32 yr old who has his own Internet Marketing company. The company is name is Your City Marketing Solutions LLC, I love helping people. I enjoy going to art shows. I am a drummer. I love music as long it has a message. I like going to beaches. Car shows are cool! I like learning about other cultures. I love teaching! I am a Christian!

What I like about owning my business is that I meet people from every where and you never know where that leads you too.


Hello everyone! It’s nice to be part of this friendly team


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Hello Everyone,

I am Sagar Patel, From Ahmedabad, India.

I am a founder of POSIMYTH Themes and working with my Team of Creative Designers and Developers in the WordPress Category. I love to develop creative and unique items to make web a better place. I always try to find new options and as much as possible out of the box ideas.

I spend lots of time in research on ThemeForest to understand buyers and current trends, I am new on Envato Marketplace but working to understand customers as well as possible to create things as per their needs or provide them items which just change the way they were working/thinking.

In my spare time, I am

We have published one WordPress Theme yet and 4 WordPress Plugins, I am gonna launch our next wonderful and most creative theme made by us in next 2 months, You can take a look on that from our profile.

I always wanted to help our author folks as much I can, and I truly believe to improve this envato community to grow together too long.

Any of the authors or wanted to become author people can contact me anytime, I am from India but No barrier in collaboration based on country, World is one family.

Always Looking for getting and giving opportunities, One can go fast but together we can go far.



I am Ashikur Rahman Ratul from . I am system admin of WE Host Dhaka.
I love researching on website themes,

As my hobby is researching on website themes, have a look over my website:

i am trying to get ahold of someone that know the Bridge Theme!!! Extremely frustrating!! I am getting no response from support, can anyone help me? my email is thank you

Hi Everyone!

My name is Alex and I run a small website design company in Toronto, Canada called Boutique Websites. We specialize in designing Wedding Industry Websites. This includes wedding planners, Event decor, DJ’s, etc.

Here is my website to learn more about us! Boutique Websites

Here is my pic below:


Hey Everyone, I’m Mike Perez and I work at TechWhoop.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been with Envato for about two years or so, but I’ve only just ventured into the forums!

I am from Adelaide, Australia. I started out by doing a Diploma in Web Dev with the goal of selling templates, but after completing that I began to gain interest in graphic design more than web development.

At the beginning of this year I decided I would take a chance and try to teach myself graphic design, while doing that I stumbled upon an Illustrator add-on called Fontself and played around with type design. I quickly found the limitations with the add-on, and invested in Glyphs.

Now I primarily design fonts, it’s very tedious but I love the process! I’m currently trying to expand my skillset, but I am quite limited for time so I just do what I can when I can.

I hope to be able to turn this into a full-time income when my youngest child starts school, at the moment it is very hard to find some distraction-free time to work on projects!

Here’s a link to my profile if you would like to have a look.

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Hello!! I am Josie Cross. I live in Florida.

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Hello All,

My name is Harris and I work at HFB Advertising doing the companies graphic design services. I love everyone’s work on here and all the talent in the world.

Here is one of my favorite pictures to share with you me and my dog Dakota.


Hi i am sudeep from india. I’ve been creating motion graphics template on videohive for the past four years and i feel more creative than ever.


Hey guys! I’m Tyrene. :slight_smile: You guys are all from such cool places! I’m just from America, pretty boring. I’m currently working with ZipBooks, a free accounting software company. Mostly I’m just going through this thread wanting all of your dogs!

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