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Yo! I’m Sander, I’m new to this website. :slight_smile:

I’m from Norway, and I love to make music! My goal is to reach 1000 sales on Audiojungle, a pretty big goal I dare say, and I started a blog where I will share my progress and what I learn along the way so that others can benefit from my success as well. Blog link is in my profile for those of you wondering.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of this community, and looking forward to chatting more with you all!

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Hello everyone…Am Kasper the freelancer…i major on search engine optimization but like most freelancers i have my nose in almost every pot…glad to be part of this vast community… |

The Themepiko is a theme development company having 5 people now, born and raised in Bangladesh, a beautiful country of Southeast Asia. Usually, developing premium themes and plugins for WordPress is our core business. We also offer web-based outsourcing work. You can find our products at Envato Marketplace and can buy from there. Our developed themes are randomly trading as top selling items on Envato. We are always priority our customer and feedback care every issue, also it’s helps us keep going in the right path.

Story of Themepiko:

I’m Md. Forhad Feroj began the journey with themepiko get started theme and plugins development process firstly psd design -> html-> WordPress development. It’s really hard for me because one person design and development then complete the project. This years i am founded company at Dhaka, Bangladesh in January 2019 from passion towards coding, and within a 3 years of hard work i am reach Level 7 at Envato Marketplace. However, before reaching that level encountered lots of rejections, challenges and failures.!


Hello I’m imran from SL, Pretty new to Envato and looking forward to share my work with envato markets.

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Hello everyone!

This might be a rarity here, but I have just recently joined Envato on Audiojungle, hehe. Got my first track approved two days ago, so now I feel very motivated to bring in more and kick off the sales!
Click here to listen to the first approved track :slight_smile:

My profile still looks quite empty as I am working on the design with my 2D/3D Artist colleague from our indie game studio group.

I’m in my mid 20s, based in Prague. Most of my work consists of studying a Master´s Degree in Game Music & Audio, teaching guitar on various international schools, composing/producing for games and performing guitar recitals around Europe.

Some of the best guitar recitals were in the Netherlands where I got to meet very good friends and visual artists. On the last concert trip, my great gf took this pic of me and I think I’m gonna use it here because I think she made a great shot!


And this is my brand new humidor! Never been a smoker in my life but just recently I started enjoying premium cigars on nice occasions. Anybody a cigar enthusiast here?


So that is basically it! Glad to be joining such a nice and friendly looking community!


Hello everybody! My name is Md Biplab and i’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now i’m 25 but I became interested in Grahpics Design since Childhood and finally i doing work in Graphics Designer. So i’m proud



hey Omar cool to see u here , my friend

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hey show us your ganster face Paul lol :slight_smile:

you could s****t yourself after you see my face :wink: hehe

stop boasting around will u? LOOOOOOOOL

I really impressed with your life style, community, beautiful home style and your life style.Especially your home location is very beautiful. Wonderful natural scene. Really so amazing. So nice of you Dear KingDog.
I Love it

Nice intro. Thanks for sharing it.

Hello everyone… Sahifa user here

Wonderful! Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Best Regards

Hi everyone! I’m a new author specialised in real cello tracks. Great to be a part of this community.

Super happy because my first track was just accepted by the reviewer! On my AudioJungle tracks I play a real cello, not sampled. First track is called Autumn Rain Cello Soundscape, inspired by the mood of a rainy autumn afternoon at home, and features a beautiful 250+ old cello against a soundscape made with guitars, piano and lots of effects.

I’m planning on recording many more of these cello + soundscapes, as well as some classic stuff like Bach etc, and probably seasonal (Christmas!) music as well :slight_smile:




Hello everybody !

I am Sylphania and i live in Paris, France. I am a singer now recording another album. Very happy to be part of Audiojungle and to create music and sound, my biggest passion !


Have a great day !

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Hello there, I am albatross from India. I have a marketing & Advertising agency serving clients worldwide.

Hey. Hope you all doing good in this PANDEMIC and staying safe too. I am from INDIA and we are into designing admin template and developing frontend into popular technology. profile link. If you get time to check profile then please review our work and do comment so we can update it.

Thank you for your time.
It is Wonderfull to be a part of open network.


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