Intro template!

i’ve just bought an intro template and i will use it as my intro for my channel, i will use it at all of my videos, how many times, i can use it? unlimated or what? i’ve bought the standard license so?

Also i’ve bought some effects, like youtube annotations & instagram pop up! can i use those items unlimted too or ?

You can use it for your YouTube channel 52 times a year (in 52 videos on your channel).
But you should remember that you can use only 1 final product (1 variant). If you want to make 2 or more versions of YouTube intro, or 2 or more instagram lower thirds (with differrent users links), you should buy one more standart license for every new final product, or 1 extended license for unlimited use

But there a [Moderator] say different then what you said, that what he said
An end product, in your case, would be a rendered video file. You can use that one video file as many times as you like, in any project, and for any amount of time. In that example, you may be using the end product more than 52 times, but you’ve only used the AE template once… that’s the important bit.

The whole 52 times thing, means that you can use the template 52 times. Not that you can use the end product 52 times. So for example… your video series is called ‘When Cats Go Bad’, and you release a new video every week. The template animates the ‘When Cats Go Bad’ logo, and then animates the reveal of the tagline for the episode name. So it might be ‘cats in trees’ one week… ‘drunken cats’ the next week… ‘cats on benefits’ the week after that, for example. So in that instance, you are actually using the template 52 times, as you’re changing the episode name.

That’s also fine, but you’re going to need another copy of the license if you have more than 52 videos or you want to use them for a different series, like ‘When Wombats Attack - Half Bat, Half Wom, 100% Killer’.

So the advice from support is correct, and the advice from Osama is also correct. Use the end product (rendered video) unlimited times. Use the AE Template a maximum of 52 times if the videos are part of a series.
Forum link: Can I use standard or extended license videos for YouTube intro?

This is a very controversial issue with a bunch of nuances. The best way for you is to write to the support team, explaining the entire situation in detail :mag: