Intro sound required

Hi, I downloaded the intro “epic-logo-apple-motion-VB8E6L2”, but the sound is missing. I liked just the smell of the stones without the music. I also wrote to the author, but unfortunately haven’t received an answer yet. Does anyone have any idea how to get the sound? Or can someone create the sound for it for me?

Intro-link: Epic Logo - Apple Motion by bank508 | VideoHive

Hi, that’s not what I need, I need the original sound of the stones from the intro. Or someone can recreate it for me very well :slight_smile:

I can’t hear any other sounds than the one I linked to…

It’s not that either, I need the sound of the stones breaking.

That’s my first link…

  • laugh * hey bro, this is ice and not a stone. That sounds very different :slight_smile:

Ok, I thought you were after the sound used in the clip.

No, unfortunately not, but thank you :slight_smile: