Intro Song for an Online Twitch Stream

Hey there, Looking for some further clarification before purchasing.
I am a content creator on Online Streaming service, Twitch.

I stream live gameplay of me playing games online. I am interested in purchasing license for a song here with the broadcast license up to 1 million. The streaming service I use, twitch, automatically detects Copyrighted music and mutes it. How do I know if I purchase a license for a song from here, that twitch won’t mute it when I add it to my intro.

My intro is always the same but I broadcast 4 days a week. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Interesting question, I’m not the best in this topic, but I ask somebody. @PurpleFog or @RedOctopus could you help, please?

Thanks, let me learn from you guys! :slight_smile:

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Hello Magwar,

That’s a good question!

I didn’t find any info about which CID service provider makes these muting but I know that the most popular AdRev doesn’t scan Twitch, so it’s quite possible that the most of AudioJungle tracks, maybe even all aren’t in the Twitch audio scanning database.

But even if algorithm mutes your track, you can always make an appeal and turn audio on. You should read this article from Twitch “How to appeal muted audio”.

Let us know if you need any further assistance :slight_smile: