Intro/Exit video for Vimeo


I am looking for a song for an intro/exit for Vimeo videos. If I purchase a mass production license, can I use the song in my intro/exit for all my vides?


The Mass Reproduction license, as all other licenses, allows for use in only one end product. That means, you’ll have to get a license for each video you publish.


-Your intro is always strictly the same (same video material with no change whatsoever, rendered once and put as is at the beginning of your video). In this case, the intro would be the end product, which you could then use in any number of videos. For this to work, the intro must always be the same, no different titles or text overlays. Also, if your outro is different from the intro, then you’d have to get a second license for the outro, as it would be a second end product.

-Or if your videos are part of a same series (same topic, same format,…) In which case you can use one license for up to 52 episodes (or a year, whichever comes first).

Hope it helps!

That perfectly answers my question, thank you.

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