Internet Explorer on ThemeForest in 2016


Hello guys,

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What is Envato opinion about Internet Explorer 9 in 2016? Do we still need to support IE9? Microsoft announce that they will stop supporting IE8,9 and 10 in 2016 so basically it will be pretty nice to see minimum compatibility increased to at least IE 10.

How about that? :slight_smile:


Any reply?


Yes, this will be good.


There is many themes around dropped support for IE9. But I wonder why Envato doesn’t confirm to authors they can drop support to IE9


Official reply from @KingDog @Ivor or @kailoon will be nice…


It will be up to the Quality and Review team and I’m sure they’ll investigate as to when it’s the best time to remove browser version support. But they probably wont reveal any details until they announce it :smile:


Ok… but… I got rejection for IE9 once and now I see maaaany themes for WordPress without IE9 compatibility, sorry guys but those rules should be visible and same for everyone…


Does the same apply for codecanyon?


Any update?


Any reply ?


@kailoon @Ivor @jremick Hey guys, any news?

I plan on using Flexbox for something that really needs it and as far as i checked, support is great, almost 96% .

Would really appreciate an official reply so i can follow Envato’s guidelines. I could take the responsibility of convincing (some few) buyers myself why this move is better.

If Microsoft stopped supporting IE 8, 9 and 10, why the hell should we support them?!


+1 I’m thinking to drop the support for IE9 in advance for new technologies. If Microsoft dropped the support for their browsers, I think we can do it as well.


Found this but its not 100% supporting atm


+1 Please drop ie9 support.


Today I see a theme approved without ie9 support. The theme working with flexbox which is not supporting in ie9.
See photo;

Is this mean, IE9 not a requirement anymore?


Official reply from @KingDog @Ivor or @kailoon will be nice…


IE9 usage in 2016 is extermely low:

Just recently our favorite plugin Isotope dropped IE9 support on the their latest v3 release:

Is it now allowed to drop support for IE9?