Interior planner


I recently got a new customer that sells customized furniture. They need to have an interior planner just like the one you can see on IKEA’s kitchen planner. With other words, this function is:

  • There is a base image that shows an interior
  • Under that image there are names of the different parts that the customer can personalize, like drawers, doors, kitchen sink, etc. The user clicks on the one he/she wishes to customize
  • According to which part the user has chosen on the topic above, there will be images of those parts showing under. Each image has a different colour. texture or model. Lets say the customer chooses a door. Under the image there will be thumbnails of doors with different colours, textures and designs
  • After the customer clicks on the door he/she wants, the base image will get updated with that element. Let’s say that the base image here is a kitchen with white furniture and the customer chooses red doors/drawers. The image will then be update only those details to red
  • According to what the customer chooses, the price gets updated (not a demand but would be nice!)
  • This customization has to be done with images, no traditional hotspots or so

Does this already exist for wordpress?

Thanks in advance!

I am also planning to go for customized doors and siw windows for home. I have some ideas about how to bring it out in reality. Just looking for a proper interior designer who can help me out in making customized doors and windows.

I believe there’s no point doing it in Wordpress, this is a totally custom project which I wouldn’t recommend using Wordpress for. You can get much better performance and less headache if it’s based on some PHP framework (Laravel, for example which is the most popular currently and is very powerful and elegant). Further, you probably won’t be able to find any such theme in Wordpress, neither in Themeforest nor in any other theme shop / marketplace.
If you want even more advanced solution - Node.js / MongoDB would do the job and with right execution you would get stellar performance.
Just my 2 cents, as a developer who has used and abused Wordpress for 6 years now.

While you tough me something new I do not have the time frame to invest on learning a complete new platform of even language. I found this though:

Thank you so much for your help. I will consider it and make a decision this week. Cheers!