Interface is OK. Should I continue? Lots of Problems? :(

Should I continue, is there any possibility to be approved? I love this job. Can you help me?

With respect this is not going to be approved - there are major issues with most design fundamentals in particular spacing, typography etc.

Presumably you also submitted other pages like blog post and other “pages” that you have in the nav here?

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The file is just that and I haven’t posted it? What should I do to fix the problems? If I solve the problems, can this theme be approved?

You need to work harder on improving your design skills. Right now you are very far from being able to create anything which will be approved here. It is not something you can just fix, you can’t “fix” it without having enough experience.

You can start here for example:

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These are not “fixes” - it’s basic design best practice and throughout the design.

The fix would be to rethink typography, sort alignment and spacing errors, etc and then Crete all of the other pages that are advertised from this.

The thing is that you need to understand the theory of all of this, no one can tell you or teach you that

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I understand you very well!

I will maintain a wholeness, compatibility.