Interesting Payoneer payout insight! 💡

Hey all,

I’ve noticed an interesting issue that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere. I think it would be great to share it with all Payoneer users who receive Envato and Elements payouts. If you have an old Payoneer account (5-7 years old) that was created when Payoneer used “Bank of America” accounts instead of the new “First Century Bank,” you might encounter a problem. I noticed that the “Bank of America” account stopped working without any warning, notice, or email from Payoneer. This could explain why I haven’t received my Elements/Envato payouts, even though I have updated and corrected all my personal account details. Once I updated my payout receiving account to the “First Century Bank,” everything went smoothly. Therefore, I highly suggest you check your Payoneer account and see if this resolves your payout issue. I’m still investigating this, so please let me know if you have experienced similar issues.



I don’t have any problems with Payoneer (account 10 years old) “Bank of America”… when Elements/Market payouts Payoneer transfer money as in short period, in this case the next day, on to the old system almost immediately.
This month was a problem in the period which the money reaches to Payoneer.

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