interested in subscribing

Dear Sir/Mam

Few questions please before I hop on board:

  1. say I decide to use a wordpress theme…'will I be allowed to use the photos in the demo or are they just there as palceholders?

  2. will I be able to sell websites, using my own domains , that I built and rank top of search engines?

  3. What happens to the websites and other platforms ( eg videos) that I built using envato themes, plugins, elements, videos when I quit as a member in 2 years?

Looking frward to your reply

kind regards,

Looking forward to your repl


  1. You will not be able to use demo images instead you can use your own images.
  2. yes, you can sell website but you have to register in envato elements each website individually when the website/end product will be completed.
  3. You have to active subscriber when your end product will be completed mean you cannot stockpile items (store for the future) from elements.

For more to be clear please contact Elements Support.