Interested in Partnership for newly approved item


I’d like to know , if there is anybody , who interested to do a project in WordPress EDD and in Custom PHP.

Here are some FAQ’s on this

What is the Template ?

We have done a great design for Digital Goods Market Place, its almost more than 60 pages, and have been trying to approve it on Themeforest since 4 months, but no result except Soft Rejections.

What is the domain area?

Well, this template build for Multi Vendor Digital Goods Market , and it structured well, we did lot of research, I can say the best one among the designs for Digital Markets.

So, Why it is still in Soft Rejection since 4 months?

Really I don’t know, we’ve kept our efforts.

Do you like to upload in my account ?

Yes, I’m glad to allow it to upload on your account.

What is the % in partnership ?

This we can discuss on agreement.

Do you have any ideas to get good profits on this template?

Yes, I’ve

if you have ideas, then why you’re looking for partnerships?

Its about time and resources, and I really need some support to execute my ideas.

How can I contact you ?

You can send me private message, so that we will continue over Skype.

The thread is Approved , but You’re telling it is in soft rejection ?

Yup! , Its Approved in Codecanyon as skin :slight_smile:

Where can I find it ?

You can check here

Note: This is my first partnership thread on this forums, so I’ve written like this :smile:



I am interested in parterring with you as I foujd myself a few times in the same category as you, unfortunately. I had been working on an item for several months, but it wasn’t approved in the end. However, this doesn’t prevent me from trying some more!

You can contact me at ( AT ) for more about how we can be efficient together!