Interactive Wordpress Contact Form

Looking for an interactive Wordpress Plugin Contact Form for my computer repair business. That will start with “Click Here to Get Support Now” then will say "How can we help you?, they then can click on “I need my computer to be fixed” or “Want remote support for home or business”…

If they click “I need my computer to be fixed” then will say something like "What kind of computer can we help you fix with a simple form to fill out asking for basic contact info and info on what is wrong with their computer. Then it will ask them to agree to our terms and then Thank them and give them with our hours and how to drop off computer. The customer then will get an email and “we” would get an email with a form with their info and agreement to the terms and etc.

If they click “Remote Support” Then it will ask them similiar info but then will ask them “Now” or " Later" Later would bring them to a simple calender to select a date and time. Once they agree to a time or click now, they will be asked to make a deposit and then be prompted with a message that a tech will be calling them shortly.

Hopefully I described it well enough, the form I need trying to make it sort of like making an appointment if you were going to an Apple Store but trying to make it interactive so it engages the customer and is easy to fill out. For example if they have a Facebook account, maybe a way they can fill out their info automatically but sharing their info or if they have Google account same concept.

Not trying to make this complicated but trying to have it be an automated way to get info

—A Feature I would like to have but not required— A simple drop down question asking what kind of issue they are having this way if they select something from the list we don’t offer like “cracked screen repair” or “ipad repair” it will then prompt them instantly with contact info of a place they can call to get help with that specific repair.

Hey @davescomputers, sounds like the main feature that you’re looking for is a form builder with logic.

In other words, you want an “If X, then Y occurs” feature that you can program yourself. A lot of form builders have this, but for starters maybe check out

It has a bunch of different logic tools that you can play with :slight_smile: