interactive Q&A script for mobile

First of all thanks for any help you can provide…been searching for a long time.

I really wanted crusader12 Macaw script ( which is no longer available here or anywhere so I’m looking for something similar to it.

we like Macaw for its smooth presentation and professional feel.

looking for something that will work on a mobile device with touch

when people open our app, they will be given a simple question to answer with multiple choice available, when they make a selection, the answer will will smoothly appear, then the next question will fire.

IN a perfect world we wanted to use nightowl ( calculators as well so that we could ask people questions and they would enter numbers and then we would calculate the answer for them…

here is a simple example…

"How much do you earn per hour?

they type in $20

“How much do you need to make in total?”

they type $10,000

the answer would then pop up saying: “It will take you 500 hours to earn that amount”

thanks again