Interactive PDF Pages

Hello, does anyone design graph chart interactive PDF design? I created an illustrator mockup for my client and I have certain areas where it needs to be interactive so the client can control and edit the graph along with the content I have. Please view video explaining what I need. Thanks

You need to much out from Adobe Package :slight_smile: I don’t think so PDF alone can handle all of these functions properly. In my opinion your project can done as a custom web page, with database behind, where your client can fill out his information (text, data) and the final result can be a generated PDF saved from the web application or HTML page saved inside the application.

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Thanks, and do you think you or a team member can do something like this, if so do you know what this would cost?

Sorry but I don’t know enough codding to be sure that I can do it. But you can try to ask in Code Canyon forum. Since you already have the mock-up I’m sure you can find an author to team up for this project.