Interactive / editable LMS theme OR Members plug in


I am wanting to create a company page with log in, with separate private staff pages ( also with log in’s) Staff need to be able to edit & add text content to their own page. I ( the coach ) and a manager need access to all pages to leave text content and communicate with staff members. I need to be able to set up many different ( private ) company pages. Staff pages are an annual subscription so need a renewal option. Is there such a product out there or one that could be easily adapted.
Thanks for your help,
Cheers addict061


If you are thinking of starting to build something from scratch, my advise would be not to even think about it. There are quite a few highly developed and interactive mobile friendly LMS that are available. One of them is Klaspad and that not only meets all your requirements but also offers many other added features. Just go to their website There is live demo on the site that enables you to see and test quite a few features.