Intellectual Property Rights over End Product


I understand that all the Envato Items are owned by their respective authors/ owners, but if I use any Envato Item to create an End Product (using my skills and efforts), the End Product will become my intellectual property (“IP”) with all rights and titles thereto, right?

For example- If I use an audio Item to create an intro video for my Social Media Account, the intro video will become my IP? Thereafter, I may get the End Product (herein, the intro video) copyrighted, right?

Similarly, if I use an a Font to create a Logo for my brand, and I want to get the Logo trademarked, I can do so, right?

Request you to resolve my query at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.


You can use the font to create a logo and you can own the end-product but you cannot own the audio item - you cannot claim copyright for the video you have prepared.

You can’t trademark the logo

Thanks for the quick response.

Could you please cite any restriction/ limitation as to why I won’t be able to claim copyright for the video that I will prepare using any Envato Item? I will put in substantial amount of skills and efforts and the End Product will be larger in scope and substantially different in nature than the Item.

As far as I understand, the End Product will be a “derivative work” which is allowed and legal under the Copyright laws across the globe.

Correct me if I am wrong and kindly clarify.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The items you’re using on the video don’t belong to you. It’s like buying a BMW and changing/modifying the car and selling as a new brand. Whatever you have changed it, it’s still not your item.