Integration on website with Envato

Hi guys! I want to integrate “basket” system on my website. For example, user choose items on my website to cart, but in purchasing process he will be redirected on envato market to finish the process.
Any solutions?

I’m not sure that will be possible as envato to be a gateway for your site and anyone who wants to buy a file from envato they need to have an account here.

Why not just have affiliate links from your site to envato marketplaces?


That is a nice idea, as you will be able to convert more sellers and increase with some Upsells.
Although, you need to consider that the full basket - can not be directed as " full " to Envato with the same items.
What you can do, is create dinamicaly a collection, with the items inside the basket and users can add them again, when on Envato.

Thanks guys! Will think about this.