Insurance on products??

I bought an item that I couldnt use within one year because the author kept promising updates after numerous updates did not work and I kept the faith because I believed in the promise of the script. In the end it didnt work out and I decided to go for a refund but the time had elapsed for the 1 year refund period. Now my time, effort and money is wasted.
This is a summarised version of events, but after the episode, I feel like maybe we the customers and authors should talk to Envato about insurance policies.

What do yall think??

After you download the item, authors have rights to reject the refund request as the items has been checked by Envato already. If there’s any additional issues with the item compatibility with the third party extensions, it’s not included but you could get paid support to get issue fixed

If you are waiting for a year to get the problem fixed, sorry but it doesn’t sound realistic. Most of the complains are issued within few weeks as well as the refund request.

Assuming that you have been using the item for a year, you have already agreed with the item condition. At this point, your request sounds like “I am not using the item anymore, maybe I can get the refund if I give a shot claiming the item updates”