Insufficient infos on hard reject - Please help me to understand

Hi my friends,
I have just received this email from the envato team.
This is the central part…

After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘Verve - Smartphone Android App Mockup’ isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on GraphicRiver. As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.

…then there are just some forum links about tutorials and community utilities.

We always make project trying to produce something new and different from other products. I think this is an Envato’s recommendation to authors too.
Here we were trying to help app developers to produce short video showcases of their apps without particular video making knowledge, using just few Photoshop abilities.

We have created a video tutorial and a promo video always trying to be as much comprehensive as possible.

Here there is the promo video and the tutorial.
Please let me understand more about this rejection, because it seem that Envato is able to say “No” without explaing the reasons, showing, in my opinion, few respect for others work.

And the tutorial…

I’m not an expert but this hand with a smartphone looks so much fake and ugly to me.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for your advice. I am open to any critics in order to make better products, they should have given me a soft reject in order to improve the product.

It’s a bit frustrating this politic…they are assuming I should throw all the work away with this manner…
With this Hard rejection I don’t even know what to improve or change to meet an halfway with Envato standards.

Dear friend.
In my opinion the idea of the project is good, but the execution should be better. As a friend said above, the hand is not natural. Try to remake project completely. All the best. And do not give up!

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Thanks, I am trying to ask more explanation to the reviewer…resubmitting the product (I hope they are not going to disable my account :P)

Maybe if I substitute the hand holding the phone with a female one more similare to the animated hands the result could be better. What do you think? Were you referring to the hand holding the phone?

Thanks for your help!

Please don’t resubmit hard-rejected items. Doing so can actually result in your account being suspended, especially after being asked to refrain from resubmitting.

Instead, please contact Envato Support if you are seeking a more detailed explanation of your rejection.

Thanks for your advice…Can you please tell me how to submit a ticket?

Dear friend! I said that the idea is good. In its reply, so I said, “Try to remake project completely” But not to submit the project again - for such action account is closed. Take your idea and make a new project. All the best. To not give up!

The images look like they’re not being distorted due to the curve at the edges of the screen. Screen is too high contrast and saturation. Try adding a reflection on the screen to make it more realistic and a shadow being cast from the hand. The static hand should move, even if only a bit of wiggle action. The hand needs to be blended into the background better, so kind of light wrap. Transition times aren’t aligned with the speed of the hand/finger movements. The background looks a bit basic, as if added as an afterthought. Need more scenes with different setups. A female hand, as well as male, would increase usability.

Just my opinions.

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Thanks you for your advice. I have canceled the new submission. I will work a little more in the details. Maybe I will post here the new result before to risk a new hard rejection.

Hi, can you give me an advice? What do you think about this image?
Is it realistic enough? I have blurred the Background to focus the attention on the phone…

Let me know!


The static image of the hand holding the phone is an inherent problem with your project. Since there’s no discernible dimension within the image, it makes the entire project seem flat and lacking realism and depth. It may be necessary to go back to the drawing board with this one.

I am going to change the background because it seems to give to the image a confusing look.

I am not so agree to the matter of the dimension of the hand related to the background. The target here is to focus the attention of the client to the app/webdesign look. Anyway I think that a more neutral background could solve both the problems, the dimension one and the confusing look.

I don’t want to be polemic but I have looked a bit around on some phone mockup sold on GraphicRiver and here is what you can find too. :no_mouth:

Many of the projects you listed as examples are several years old, and comparing files that are approved for sale on GraphicRiver doesn’t translate to what gets approved on VideoHive. :wink:

Again, the flat image of the hand holding the phone is going to continue being a hinderance toward approval.

Ok I am trying to fix this image…I don’t wanto to give up with an image like this…I will try to let this work.
Anyway I will include this image with other 4 views of the phone and I am going to upload this on GraphicRiver.:vulcan:

Hi, just a question.
Can I leave the Samsung logo on the phone or I risk to infringe some Graphic River guidelines to reach the product’s approval?
Thanks always for your support!:slight_smile: