Instead Visual Composer, want to use Advanced Custom Fields. Will clients like that?

So page builder like Visual Composer are very much wanted by the buyers.

I prefer Advanced Custom Fields Pro, which, in essential, is not a page builder, but pretty close, and in my opinion better for most type of sites.

The question is, does anyone here use ACF in projects, and will clients ask me why I use this instead of Visual Composer which they’re, obviously, much more used to?


ACF chews up 90% if my server resources from a single WordPress install on a big VPS. It’s a hog if used too much. So many database queries.

Try Live Composer as it is free now.

As you’ve said, ACF is not a page builder. I haven’t used it for a while so maybe I am missing something, but your question doesn’t make sense to me.

VC is pretty much standard here on TF, but you can have success even without it. Goal is to make something unique.

VC may be pretty much standard but personally i don’t like it either and its stuffed with every theme and they claim we get getting free money $70 for $50 theme…( i have seen these silly advertisements in many themes)

and VC comes with its own grid system which i don’t like… if i have bootstrap template, i want to use that grid only

and when we build everything with VC and handover to client
they jump between Visual and text editor and make some changes… boom :boom: page will be broken completely and clients go mad.


Thanks guys.

I know the goal is to make something unique. However my question is more towards that the clients are used to VC, and if I use ACF will that do me troubles during the support period. Cause clients might be like ‘Why don’t you use Visual Composer?’.

What are some themes that use ACF on Themeforest?

try siteorigin pagebuilder it has page cache feature, so it’s not exhausted you’re query when using custom post