I recently purchased a transitions pack and a motion title pack from Envato for Adobe Premiere Pro. I am having trouble figuring out how to use it or make it appear in Premiere. Can anyone help?


  1. To install the transitions pack, I think you’ll have to unpack them in a temporary folder first…then:

open Adobe Premiere->menu->Window->Effects->right click where it says Effects and select->Import Presets->navigate where you unpacked them ->select the ones you want to install->click OK.

You will find them then in Window->Effects->Video Transitions window. You can use a transition by dragging it to the edit point between two video clips.

  1. To import the motion titles pack, also unpack them first in a temporary folder, then go in Adobe Premiere to menu->Graphics->Install Motion Graphic Template->navigate to where you downloaded the motion titles, select the ones you want to import and click OK.

To use them, you’ll have to navigate to Adobe Premiere->menu->Window->Essential Graphics->in this window you will see the motion titles which you can drag&drop on a video layer in the timeline.

I am not a video specialist though…I only know simple video editing… so I might be wrong :slight_smile: But, in the packs you bought from VideoHive, you should find a documentation file which describes how to install the packs. On Youtube you can also find a lot of video tutorials about installing and using these packs.

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