Installing Ryviu within the Furnitica template.


I’ll preface this with that I’m not a coder but am building a site and purchased the Furnitica template from ThemeForest. I had a generic template from Shopify prior to this template. I had installed Ryviu, which if you’re not familiar it pulls reviews from Amazon that are tied to products you offer to your products page. It’s was as easy as copying and pasting the code from to the sections/product-template.liquid on the old template. However, after doing so it wouldn’t come up on the Foremost theme.

The other thing is this specific template actually has a “Customer Reviews” tab in which I’d like to have these come up there. Can someone help me out?

Thanks - Jason

You could try contacting the theme’s author, but they may not be able to help you with a plugin. Perhaps the creator of the plugin would have an idea?


Yeah, I’m going to do that tomorrow. Just seeing if anyone knew anything on here. I’ll post my findings for the next guy. Thanks for the reply!