Installing Magento theme


Hey Themeforest

I’m very new at Magento and therefore ain’t quite sure how to install a theme downloaded from themeforest :slight_smile:

I hope that someone out there know of a beginners guide on how to install a Magento theme or would write me one, as I’m frankly quite lost :slight_smile:

Best Regards Jonas


Try the Magento website for tutorials :). I’m still procrastinating myself and should really get around to it.


A bit surprising the theme (whichever it is) doesn’t come with instructions. We’ve taken a lot of care to ensure these steps are clearly articulated for newcomers to Magento.

For a very generic primer, theme files live in two locations (usually):

I say usually because depending on the custom code implemented there may be more complex installation requirements.


Ok so now i’m pretty much started, I finally got my FTP client connected to my webhotel and ready to go… the only question is now, where should I place the folders from the theme, that i’m suppossed to move to the webhotel? :slight_smile:

In which folder on the webhotel? :slight_smile:

Best regards


@ Jonas6 — You should contact the author that you purchased the theme from. This forum is for general discussion. Without accessing your server and viewing the theme’s code it’s hard to be more specific than the generic locations of Magento frontends I listed above.