installing downloads


Hi all,

I purchased and downloaded “Lyrics Template”, but when I open the folder, there doesn’t appear to be anything to click on to activate or install the program. There are a bunch of files, but nothing that looks like a program to download.

How do I open the Lyrics Template program and start using it?




Hi @Jeffwolosewch,

Welcome to the forums! Whatever you decide to download from Envato Market, it requires some kind of software/environment to be able to use it. Depending on the type of download, opening/installing instructions vary. Could you tell me what kind of file you have purchased?



I purchased lyric template for making lyric videos.


That I believe should be an Adobe After Effects template, but to be absolutely sure please provide the address of purchased item :slight_smile:



Thanks, Luca. What do you mean by “address”?

The folder wasn’t zipped. I double click on it and it just opens and I see a bunch of more folders and files.



I mean the web address of the file you have purchased. Have you found it on





Then I’m almost sure that you need to use Adobe After Effects to open these files. Still, I’d be 100% sure if you provide me with full web address of the file you have purchased. In case of any questions you can also contact author of purchased file:



this is the address - do I just need to get adobe after affects?


As @LucaThemesCo mentioned this is an AE item so yes you would need After
Effects and an understanding of how to use that to be able to open the files and modify these.