Installation WPcomposer

Hello, I have acquired the WPBakery Visual Composer but unfortunately, i have problems by the installation.
Even I am followed the instructions of the Installatione, I always get this announcement:

Entpacken of the package …
The Plugin is installed …
The package could not be installed.
No functioning Plugins were found.
The Plugininstallation has missed.

I have already despaired something and have no idea what I can still do.

Do I have to do the file entpacken?
I would be glad about help very much.
Thank you

Probably you’re missing some points but if you’d like, I could create a job for the installation only at Studio

(assuming you bought the plugin on it’s own rather than referring to a copy which was bundled with a theme) that sounds like you may be trying to install the entire download of the plugin rather than just the plugin folder or zip itself

Problem solved. The file functioned only with the FTP uploader.
Thanks for your support.