Installation & Setup service

Hi there,

I bought the installation & setup service from a theme purchased. I tried the service because I had no time to set the site. After $50 and 9 days, I just got a simple installation, not customized, just my logo and the demo content.
Sure I could have done myself for free in these 24h given. It seemed the service provider had some troubles with the settingup, with some menu or features, but, maybe caused by something related to the demo content.
But it hasn’t been the experience and service I was looking for. I should’ve supposed $50 for a customized site was cheap, but Envanto should explain far better how simple is the service provided. I’ve lost this small amount of money, but worst is the feeling of having lost the time and having to install that myself one week after needed.


While I do sympathize with your frustration and 9 days does seem a little excessive, did the person helping you say that they would customize it for you?

It sounds (with all due respect) that you received what was ordered. It’s quite clear on the order page:

You get WordPress, your theme, its demo content (where supplied), and your logo installed on your ( server.

There are clear guidelines on what is included in the service although arguably they could be more accessible.

OK, maybe you’re right and did not read carefully the service order. Thankx for answering

So, being that the case, I did write a not very good recommendation of my service supplier. How can I do to change the review of the job Brandexponents ( did to me and then write a better review?