Installation service by theme author

Hi guys,

Not sure if like this topic created before, but i can’t find it. Anyway i have an idea, why when theme author is available and can provide installation service, buyer should purchase service from envato studio or other ways ?

Well, envato can add new select option under support pack for installation service, like this:

What do you thing ?

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The new support terms clearly states that installation & customization services are not part of the new support policy, they never were, and I strongly think never will be.

@dnp_theme Thanks for reply. Yes i know, I suggest to add new separate option for installation and is not under support pack. Now buyer can purchase it from envato studio but i think it would be great if theme author are available for installation (Author will can turn on from item settings) then buyer select that option and will get faster and better installation service from original author.

Agree with @Codevz

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I don’t think there will be enough support from elite authors on this idea.

Then he/she can turn it off from item edit section :wink:

Yes, but because most elite authors won’t support the idea, Envato may not focus on this implementation any time soon.

I don’t think any other elite author would reply to this thread either :smiley:

@dnp_theme i hope they change their mind :smiley:

Recently someone purchased one of my items, he also ordered envato studio installation service but that author couldn’t import slider data like my demo and buyer asked me for refund that because he thought theme does bugs then i fixed it quickly and i think buyer was unhappy with this matter because he lost time and money.

The fail on data import is strictly related to server issues on the response time setting or write access and we don’t provide server support, we only link them to tutorials of such.

We only provide theme, documentation and theme related support only. Again: did your client also asked about washing his laundry (server issues)?

Well, why when i’m available for theme installation with $50, buyer should order it from envato studio ?! and not from me that i can do it faster and better than another person.

You still have the option “Available for freelance?”. I think this would suffice:

  • for any type of service you want to provide for your clients,
  • it’s not confusing to clients,
  • it doesn’t conflict with the new Envato Item Support Policy.

I don’t see any issue with having such a feature so that authors who wanted this could utilize it.

My only concern would be setting up reasonable expectations for what is involved. Timeframe? What exactly “installation” includes? For example, “installation” to an author is a pretty straightforward process; “installation” to a customer might mean “set up my home page, add a menu, set up my slider”

I’ve had a variety of customers come to me upset that they paid for “installation services” for my plugin through Envato, because the Envato Studio freelancer that did the job simply uploaded the plugin and clicked “activate”, but didn’t do any configuration. I think customers probably expect a lot more than basic installation when paying for a service like that. I’m not saying that’s fair or unfair, just that we need to better manage expectations.

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The “client’s expectations” is the exact argument behind my belief that most authors won’t support this idea.

So, can i advertise (Banner ads) in my item page for Installation service with $30 and buyer can send money directly to my paypal account ?

Some of our buyers do not know that i can do installation service because they seen envato studio button after purchase beside download button.

@sevenspark Thanks for reply. Here i talking just about Installation service like demo preview site and not more. Configuration and customization are something else.

I think there should be an option for authors to provide installation (if they agree to) but I guess it kind of conflicts with Envato Studio. For authors, would it be possible to just sign up to Envato Studio so the buyers can still go the original authors?

@Codevz Exactly. The author/developer can only configure and setup the theme perfectly, other than an outsider.