Installation of Goodnews 5.9.14

Having paid my support and trying to install the latest version of Goodnews 5.9.14 and following the installation procedure step by step, I finally end up by receiving the “le lien est expiré” (“the link is expired”) error message.

Can someone help with the installation of this latest version of Goodnews.


Yves Carrier

You can follow this article to install guide for wordpress installation.

Contact with your purchase item author @momizat hope they will helped!

Just checking before going to far… what is the latest version of the Goodnews theme?


WordPress 5.2.x,

Thanks. But my current Wordpress version is 5.5.1 and my current version of Goodnews is 5.9.6.

I am trying to install Goodnews 5.9.14, which is apparently the latest version.

Am I right?

Could you please get in touch with your purchase item author ? cause they are more expert and keep knowledge about their won item. They can give you best answer and you will be satisfied .


how did u fixed it ?

After writing to the author, he sent it to me directly via email.