Installable WP files only Vs All files and doc

I’ve just purchased a Theme that only propose to Download “All files & doc”, and does not propose “Installable WP files only” folder.
I do not have access to an ftp, and when i try to upload the “all files & doc” i get an error message…
How can i sort the “all files & doc” folder so that it’s compliant with the WP upload ?

I am pretty sure that you have not purchased a WordPress theme if there is no option "Installable WP files only”. Probably you have a HTML version.

Ha, that’s probably it ! I guess i got it wrong then… I didn’t know there was a difference.
So I guess it’s useless to me …?

You can’t install a HTML version on WP. You need a WordPress version. Check if the author has the WordPress version of same item, and if yes, maybe you can get a refund for HTML version and to buy a WordPress version.

Ok, thanks a lot for your answers.