I just bought the Triss theme for shopify but when I try to install it shopify puts an error message that the theme is not valid. However I bought it for shopify. What can I do ? It’s the first time I order on the site and I already have a problem :frowning:

There’s a Triss theme for WP Triss - Beauty Cosmetics Shop by designthemes | ThemeForest one for shopify Triss - Hair Extension, Beauty Salon Shopify Theme by BuddhaThemes

Did you definitely buy the right one?

If so are you sure you are only trying to install the theme folder and not the entire download?

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Hello, excuse me but indeed I had committed an error at the time of the installation, the file was not decompressed correctly. On the other hand can you tell me where I can find the documentation on the animations of the internal modules? At the time of my test the animations were already activated and now on the basic theme some of them are not activated.
Thank you in advance

Any documentation will be included in the main download file

ok thanks you