Install the Themeforest The ark in Wordpress

I don’t succed to upload the theme The ark (file : in the 4.8.1-fr_FR version of Wordpress.

How to do?

Ask the author of the theme

In case of interest:

Double check that you are install the correct zip file. Go back to your Themeforest downloads page and make sure to select the “installable WordPress file only” option (this is the theme file) - if you try to install the “all files & documentation” zip by accident it wont work (here’s a guide with more troubleshooting tips if you run into any more bumps). But if that doesn’t help, definitely reach out to the theme author.

Also check and make sure you do not have a max upload limit. A lot of host give you a maximum upload amount, FTP is always a better option. Like stated above make sure the file you’re selecting is the correct zip file and not an out folder. In the folder should be all pg the content and files needed.