Install Dummy Data failed because theme's website moved


I have licensed Mariana Handmade WP theme. / Mariana | Handmade Blog & Shop/ . I buy it in 2017.

All was fine, untill I needed to reinstall the WP site.

Now I want to install dummy data /i use it/ and it returns me an error.

Error download remote archive with media ‘’. WP Error: Object errors => Array[1] http_request_failed => Array[1] 0 => “cURL error 6: Could not resolve host:” error_data => Array[0]

I checked and the Mariana WP theme site is moved so the dummy data can NOT be downloaded, it seems.

Any ideas to help me??

Thank you!

Hi @borislav123

I checked the theme, it seems that the theme was updated this year a couple of times, for instance in July there was an update that had to do with dummy data import. Are you using the latest version of the theme?

For more specific technical questions, I’d suggest asking the theme author @ThemeREX, he provides support through his dedicated support forum here:

All the best! :slight_smile:


Thank you, hevada!!

I will do that!!


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