Install and Use of an Envato Product in Weebly?

I am a 63 year old Newbie and find the types of products herein fantastic. I want to buy and use one of the military theme website pages in Weebly or Wordpress as an example. I don’t want to buy a product and then find out that I can’t use it or install it. I am a veteran and want to speak about military issues…the products herein are too may to discuss here but I do need help.

Any suggestions from the community on how I should proceed?

You can’t use files bought here with Weebly.

You can use any of the WordPress themes ( using your own domain and hosting with WordPress installed on it but not on a blog

In terms of the right theme or file - you’d need to give a bit more info on what you want to use it for, what type of website, what type of info, posts etc. Even better any examples of sites that look or work like what you want