Instagram Scheduler - NextPost Update Discussion

Hi everyone,

We’re going to release next big update to our product (NextPost) soon. Demands from all buyers are very important to us. Let’s discuss new features and your requests. We are open for your requests. You can send us your requests here. We’ll try to consider all of them

P.S. Please find our roadmap from description page.


thank you for information, good one ,:wink:

In version 3, I would like to see for geo-tag the ability to add geo tags, the ability to mark users on a photo and the ability to set a period through which the posted post from the tape will automatically be deleted, the addition of social networks (Profiles, pages and groups), facebook (Profiles, Pages and groups), twitter (post and twitter moments), pinterest, google+(Profiles and pages), telegram, linkedin (Profiles and pages), tumblr. Proxy support, image editor with the ability to download images or search images using google images, import records from rss feeds with their publication on a schedule or as they appear on the site. team work (the ability to invite employees to work together on content).

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Manually add a UTM-tag or automatically if the user does not specify them and count the traffic of each post. With marked traffic, it’s more convenient to work in Google Analytics. Adapting pictures to the requirements of each of the social networks. Analytics of Instagram-accounts: the activity and number of subscribers, the most popular tags, the best time for posting and so on. The analytics consists of those parameters: The audience is the general statistics of the Instagram account. It displays the number of subscribers, the growth of subscribers for the selected period of time, the maximum growth of subscribers for the selected period of time, the average number of subscribers increment for the selected period.
Involvement - internal statistics of account activity. Here you can see the number of posts, the total number of likes, the number of comments for the selected time period, the average number of likes for one post and the average number of comments per post. Optimization is the indicator that displays the most successful post publication time, based on the response of your subscribers to your content.

Hello first, I would like to tell you that I find your concept wonderful my next question are you will :

Important Add oauth: fb, Instagram ???, Google etc?
Would like to bring you modules very essential and very important :

  • Twitter posts

  • Facebook posts

  • Pinterest posts

  • Tumblr

  • Videos

  • Accounts-Publish, Limited, Administrator Journalist, Modérator,

  • Payments, Visa, Mastercard or SEPA Europa

  • Add Links to Instagram Stories

  • Unlimited Media PHP CDN, Aws Amazon, Cloudflare, API Key, Secret

  • Unlimited Groups

  • Accounts “Upgrade Plan”

  • Turn insights into action.: analytics, audience

  • Optimize Capabilities.

  • Google Integrations.

  • email-paid ; received, invoice.

  • Create & Curate Instagram content.

  • @mention & #hastag.

  • Emojis. Full emoji support.

  • First comment.

  • Square, portrait & landscape.

  • Full image editing.

  • Repost & reschedule.

  • Bulk upload.

  • Calendar planner.

  • IMAGE/VIDEO URL (JPEG, JPG, PNG OR MP4) drag files here or “Instagram, facebook, google drive, flickr, tumblr” add Api “

-Edit Photos “PhotoEditor SDK”
“Crop, Fiters, Adjut, Text, Stiker, Brush, Focus, Border”

  • Search, Collect & Approve Search & Repost, Contributors, Hashtag Campaigns
  • Media Library
  • Plan, Schedule & Publish
  • Add or change a fill color Option Edit Package add color, red, blue
    -Premium For Individuals, For Businesses “+ Modules Analytics Pro Instagram fb, etc”

And of course you will make an application in the future Nextpost for
Iphone, Ipad, Androïd soon ?


hey there

i registered a domain and i’am waiting for new version to buy nextpost (Extended License) but i want you to add this features to nextpost v3.0:

  • Instagram Story Image Auto Fit to screen (Important)
  • Multilingual Setting
  • Payment Integration
  • RTL Support for Arabic Language
  • Telegram Support

What you really need is the option to adjust for larger images and multiple photos and videos, it is also very necessary to edit the post programmed. And if possible the option of forming work teams. Thank you so much.

It would be great if you could connect to this


Your app is really good. Am waiting for the next version before buying.

  1. I would like you include more social media platform - Facebook, Twitter etc.
  2. I would also like to have metrics of my social media accounts on the dashboard to help me make better decisions more easily.
  3. Include phone number in the registration requirement.
  4. Also for those that allow customers to pay, there should be a way to set email reminder which will notify the customers when their payment is almost due.
  5. Allow Users to be assigned to specific social media accounts to manage, thus if they login, they can only manage the ones assigned to them.


Needs support proxy ipv4 and proxy ipv6 for every acconts.

Please add support for payment systems, and

*Instagram Photos Scrapper ( Repost ) with Geo-Tags
*Instagram First Comment
*Instagram Geo-Tags
*Analytics for the Instagram Account
*Plan Upgrade
*Stripe Payment Integration
*Sync Posts from Cloud
*Team Work