Instagram images from Envato Elements


Is ok according to the license to buy Envato Elements then make for example 100 final product images for Instagram.

Then cancel subscription and publish/republish the the 100 images after the 30 days?


You have to be actively Subscribed to the platform(elements) when the project is going on and completed I.e you cannot stockpile items for future use and cancel the subscription. The licenses you get for items you download and register from Envato Elements are only valid if you complete your End Products while your subscription is active. Then the license continues for the life of the End Products (even if your subscription ends).



  Yes but I finish the product and then publish end product on my

website…but then after subscription end I share the image (end
product) on my social media. Is that ok?

I imagine that it’s ok if the projects are actual projects and not just basically an upload of the image.

You couldn’t just upload the images to your website with barely any change and then reuse elsewhere, esp as If it’s instagram then you are not going to be sharing a link that populates the post like Facebook and more likely to be uploading a copy of the image directly?