Instagram feed does not work!

this is my first request here, I really need your help. My theme is Newspaper and since few weeks the Instagram feed on the footer does not work. I don’t see the pics anymore :frowning: I already tried to re-connect my IG account, everything seems all right but it does not work the same. Please look at the footer on my blog: and you can understand what I mean. thanks in advance

lets tagging your purchase item author @tagDiv hope they will helped!


I feel sorry if you are facing some problems with our theme! Please send us an email at with your log-in information (wp-admin) so I can take a closer look at your admin setup page.

I look forward to helping you!
Catalin L.

Hi Catalin,

thank you, I will contact you by email.


Thank you :pray:t2:

It can be fixed easily but if in case the author isn’t providing help then hire any Envato studio doer.
Or drop me an email if you are still not getting it fixed from anyone.