Instagram/Facebook copyright claims

One of my clients asked me a question about Instagram claims. I am using AdRev which doesn’t scan Facebook/Instagram but I’m thinking about moving to Haawk/Identify.

I know that Facebook and Instagram have copyright claims system (Rights Manager?) which can be accessed via e.g. Identify/Haawk. I was wondering how does the copyright claim work there. After a short research I have found that content creator can solve a claim by clicking “I have rights to content” just after copyright strike which blocks video. Is it like this? I have doubts about way of solving claims and about copyright claim strike which can block legit content of our clients. Did anyone had an experience in this matter? Does it work this way really?

BTW there is still no monetization-of-copyright-claimed-music-system on Facebook/Instagram, only blocking.


Great questions @RedOctopus, I don’t know the answers for your questions but am curious to see if anyone has. My experience with identifyy has, so far being great. But I will only get more data after October is over when they release the data for the quarter.

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