Inspirational examples of sales growth

I was inspecting some data that we’ve gathered recently and I came up with the idea to find some interesting cases of rapid sales increases. There were some threads on forum regarding sales decrease and I think that we all need some inspiration sometimes.

I took sales data for January and February and calculated growth rate for every ThemeForest author by a basic formula. Then I took only those authors who succeeded to maintain their results in March. So, here is the list:

  1. tvdathemes - 1036% growth
  2. visurel - 892% growth
  3. themedo - 420% growth
  4. bkninja - 330% growth
  5. temash - 310% growth
  6. supratech - 278% growth
  7. pixinvent - 201% growth
  8. themewaves - 145% growth
  9. medium_rare - 108% growth


All the data used was carefully gathered with Stattie.


Great to know that sales are increasing for some people. Thanks a lot for sharing and Good Luck to you and all the authors :slight_smile:

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Mamma Mia!

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Yeah, such things happen sometimes and that is awesome, I think.

Thanks! Same to you :slight_smile: